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announcementKnown Issues after the Recent Updatelocked thread Hallaloth063801/21/2017 14:00
Draft horse stallion questions 
Ryawy55402/27/2017 02:07
remove a GA? 
RogueRoan37202/27/2017 01:28
lilly-lion98702/27/2017 01:09
OH NO!locked thread 
Moonjem35251920302/27/2017 01:06
Most Expensive Horse/Coatlocked thread 
Moonjem352544802/27/2017 01:04
getting horses and friends 
fredom45642402/27/2017 00:19
niana136402/26/2017 23:24
Item Exchangelocked thread 
niana42402/26/2017 22:30
marianous24702/26/2017 22:08
trophy glitch?locked thread 
flowerblossom12302/26/2017 21:40
profits from expelled horses 
stitch.13602/26/2017 20:50
Sugar Bonuslocked thread 
micky0734802/26/2017 19:33
EC Boxes questionlocked thread 
Shadow Wolfhawk32702/26/2017 18:47
?????locked thread 
BlueberryBird710802/26/2017 17:36
Philosophers Stone, pass horse, and GA tutoriallocked thread 
BlueberryBird97102/26/2017 17:12
BM Item Exchange questionlocked thread 
JuneBug43302/26/2017 16:38
lilly-lion1122002/26/2017 15:06
Color Bonuslocked thread 
graceful~horse22602/26/2017 13:45
Howrse app tutorial? 
Dendri35702/26/2017 12:48
Carrots optional?locked thread 
Artandmagic23422202/26/2017 12:23
Harmony Packlocked thread 
tigera77702/26/2017 11:22
Looking for friends for festivities & other promoslocked thread 
sheynkayt33702/26/2017 07:06
Wandering Horses 
niana77802/26/2017 06:40
VIP GA?locked thread 
aditiravi0424002/26/2017 04:10
Vet Billlocked thread 
Tori Harlow34402/26/2017 03:35
Limited GAlocked thread 
OceansFury43602/26/2017 01:53
Giving a CT to a loaned horselocked thread 
horsegirl05611702/26/2017 01:20
Skills 2.0locked thread 
aditiravi0443902/26/2017 01:02
Skillslocked thread 
aditiravi0432602/26/2017 00:49
Advertisementlocked thread 
Artandmagic23445102/25/2017 23:34
Advertisementlocked thread 
Artandmagic23413002/25/2017 23:12
chocolatebar24002/25/2017 22:49
Morpheus Arms 
pipplar14902/25/2017 21:42
Breeding Farmslocked thread 
BlueberryBird33702/25/2017 21:40
reserve for new players?locked thread 
RogueRoan26802/25/2017 20:56
The 5th Element 
pangolin89548502/25/2017 20:34
Grand Prix 
wintersoldier23802/25/2017 17:29
RustyDeHorseh16202/25/2017 16:26
Ty05417402/25/2017 13:39