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Serenity Unis and my Dutch Scarlet teke (sadly i find she is gone from the game) are the oldest line of tekes for most of the top teke breeding groups 
 Aging Points always welcomed.


I will buy any horse you don't want for 500e (thats 100e higher than Safe Haven). Just reserve the horse for me.

If you see a horse in the sales tab you like PM me an offer.

Only the horses in the sales tab are for sale. So dont waste time asking for any others.

Also remember alot of time and money goes into horses that are for sale for passes. So please keep that in mind when negotiating n offer several thousand per pass not hundreds.

 Im tired of receiving offers of 1500e for a horse i have for sale at 500e and 3 or more passes which is repeatedly. I will not even reply to these offers anymore.



Hi my name is Aries. I am an adult player so minors please get your parents permission.  


Affixes/Breeding Groups


-of @rie$ @ll Star$ ( favorite horses not for sale)

-of Divine Delights (divines)

-of Hopeful Horses (uni rejects and low skill horses)

-of Pr@ncing Prixers (high skill horses bred for the Prix)

-of Monster M@shed (crossbreeds)

-of Serenity Unis (teke unis) (*)

-of Serenity Unis 1* (1* teke unis) (*)

-of @meri@n Pride (gyspy, appy n hols unis) (*)

-0f *Dutch Scarlets* (all uni breeds) (*)

-of *Dutch Mon@rchs* (friesians) (*)

-of ~*True Grit*~ (appaloosas) (*)

-of the Full Moon (gypsies) (*)


(*) = breeding groups


Breeding Group/Members (plus me)

Serenity - WillowmoonWolf, horselover79, momo99

American Pride - WillowMoonWolf, stormtrooper, 45'N , NorthpointStables

Full Moon - WillowMoonWolf, stormtrooper

True Grit - Sunny Sunshine, Feather Strong, DavidsGem, LadyT, miniskins, kednick, dbljhr, theczar, vinca, gitaemily, twilightfriesians

Dutch Monarchs - butterpaws, kednick, theczar, vinca

Scarlet Monarchs (sister group) - kittykaos, Flashblade

Dutch Scarlets- combination of Dutch and Scarlet groups

Layout designed by Lady Aries of Dutch Monarchs code generated at
What fiction horse are you/
Your Result: Black Beauty

resultYou are a horse with a pretty tough past, but through all of your trials and tribulations, you persevere. You always are friendly, and willingly become friends. Way to go, Black Beauty!

Misty of Chincoteague
What fiction horse are you/
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