The game has lost a truly wonderful person and player... she was one of my earliest friends... starting on IH with me and moving over to US version....I know many will know who I mean with this banner. No words can express just how much of a positive impact she has had on the lives of so many, especially me...forever I will remember and love you.


I do NOT accept random friend requests for many reasons. If you send me a request and I do not know you well, it will simply be deleted. This is to protect my account and to reduce the massive volume of folks that think because we are "friends" I will be giving them things. I am happy to help answer game questions and help out as I can, but not into begging and the assumption that because I have played a while I will give away things from my account. Please do NOT ask me for covers or team horses. If something is for sale, it will be in my sales.


This cartoon was made for me by ktroncat... sums up the two of us blupping and playing HOWRSE... sitting on the phone and hanging out while we blup... total HOWRSE addicts... anyone have the HA number so we can start going to some meetings? (lol)_v1828806360.pngus_zpsqu1z1xge.png

This layout was made by catmaster94
Thank you so much catmaster94, Sunny

I appreciate the game and having some fun... glad to have the drama from certain folks die down... not into all that... thanks for those that play fair and not into getting a kick out of kicking others.
See 2URanch for Welsh and La Belle Fleur for Lippizan Skillers.... the QH skillers are on my account... always direct sales... that way folks equally get the same chance at getting a great horse and not subjected to preferential treatment by those that think they have the exclusive rights and play power trips on folks. We do not keep the "best" for ourselves all the time.. but we do reserve the right to every once in a while to keep the best.. .pay back for doing all the work from time to time. :p_v1828806360.png

All horses are bred for fun and to help with playing the game.

I am not sending out covers, giving them away, or dumping them into the sales to hurt anyone's GP release. Please do not ask.

Thank you for understanding, Sunny

Please do not send me random friend requests.

If it is not posted for sale, it is not for sale, please do not ask. If you sold it.... I am not selling it back.

I do not have anyone who AP farms for me.. nor do I plan to ever have anyone... so please do not ask if I am looking for someone.

Folks have been asking on how to blup a horse... I updated my EC page to give an overview on my blupping method. It might not work for some folks, but works well for me and pretty simple I think... let me know if you have any ideas on how to do things better.. we all have something to learn... Go to my EC page and look.. it is all there for you to see how I blup most of the time.. except when folks try to stomp me... I adjust... get the blup done and move on to the next one. Hope this helps with your game, Sunny  ;)_v1828806360.png

Helpful Hints:
%28l%29.png?1828806360Never give out your password to anyone for any reason. There are ways to share your account safely.
%28l%29.png?1828806360You do not need to sell your horse to someone to train it for you. Please be careful that you do not get scammed that way.
%28l%29.png?1828806360Trades for any items should be fair. Please be careful to look at the horse (especially if a Divine) to see if it can be sold to you and the value is fair. Many get scammed on doing trades for BM items and horses for a Divine which is not able to be traded. The trades with BM items in lieu of passes is not allowed. Use mods to help ensure that the trades stay safe and you do not get scammed.

I am happy to help answer specific game questions, but please make sure you have read the breeders manual and done the game objectives prior to PM'ing me with questions. The most common question I get... "How to I get to be a top player"... simple answer, learn the rules of the game, learn to blup to 100% and remain a loyal and friendly player. Do not steal covers or team horses... it loses respect and trust, which cannot be rebuilt easily... even when you change your name... folks figure  you out pretty fast. So stay honest and respectful of others... it will help you make friends and keep them for a long time. The person behind the computer is a real person with real feelings, please respect them

Thanks, Sunny

“True sportsmanship is…

Knowing that you need your opponent because without him or her, there is no game.

Acknowledging that your opponent holds the same deep-rooted aspirations and expectations as you.

Knowing that, win or lose, you will walk off the course with pride.

Always taking the high road.

And always, always, always being a good sport.”

--Lorri Myers

I play for the fun of the game... this quote about sums it all up for me... I will not play if it is not fun... and certainly if there is stress involved which harms my health further.. and no matter what... top GP or not... the teams I play with will always strive to have fun, no drama and to have the best pixel ponies we can on the game. We will continue to strive to have awesome ponies for folks to enjoy at reasonable prices so that all can fun... and have nice horses for their game... for their comps.. their fountain... and for the Prixs;)_v1828806360.png

Western Pleasure and Stadium Jump comps are where a lot of players/teams go to get their wins. Please be respectful and not stomp on other's blups. I know two players who frequently Stomp in WP... We all know who you are... And your efforts will not stop us from doing what needs done... So why not just play nice and let's keep this server version nice to play... Also.. I will regularly go into the low WP and SJ comps and "clear" them with my fillers... And I will also help fill for folks if you need help that way... Send me aspecific message letting me know which horse and what comp and the level.. . If we all do filling and clear comps on a regular basis, it will make blupping easier for everyone, including those who are not fortunate to have the support of a team for fills. Thank you in advance for helping to make HOWRSE a respectful and fun place to relax and enjoy the game.

I am looking for the following horse to complete my companion animal collections. Ladybug