I am looking for the following horses to complete my companion animal collections. 
  • Ladybug

    Please do not ask me for a horse or a cover. Please do not send me a random friend request. Please do not ask to use my EC.


    Just For Fun

    All horses are bred for fun and to help with playing the game.

    I am not sending out covers, giving them away, or dumping them into the sales to hurt anyone's GP release. Please do not ask.

    Thank you for understanding, Sunny

    Helps and Hints

    Never give out your password to anyone for any reason. There are ways to share your account safely.
    You do not need to sell your horse to someone to train it for you. Please be careful that you do not get scammed that way.
    Trades for any items should be fair. Please be careful to look at the horse (especially if a Divine) to see if it can be sold to you and the value is fair. Many get scammed on doing trades for BM items and horses for a Divine which is not able to be traded. The trades with BM items in lieu of passes is not allowed. Use mods to help ensure that the trades stay safe and you do not get scammed.
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