A little about me

if you can't tell form my username, that i like warriors, then i don't know.
i REFUSE to read the last of the 4th series of Warriors.  i've heard that Firestar dies so i'm never going to finish the series.  i only like the original warriors. 
i play on the US and international versions of howrse,  and babydow, same username

 i love intimate romance scenes between anime characters , there just so cute.  i'll  read or watch just about any anime/manga that has romance in it, my two favorite one right now are Shugo Chara and Love Monster, don't look up Love Monster though, IT IS NOT FOR LITTLE KIDS,

Random Stuff

something for later

so this is an experiment i thought of trying pick a breed of horse on here(except friesians)  what you do is get a hundred mares of this breed they all have to be pregnant and all due on the same day with the same breed of foal, (best with purebreds)  the point of this is to see if you can get the exact ratio of coat colors for the breed, this is just something a thought of, and will be trying possibly sometimes


I'm sorry that my information in this section is not accurate, but my page is having issues with me using the enter key. I accurately have a list of my BMI's on here now, mainly because i want to get rid of my BMI's that are worthless to me
please don't ask for something that is NOT for trade

the horses in my "The other horses" tab are the main ones for sale
stranded prices for horses
350-399 ~ 1020e-1500e
400-499 ~ 2050e-2500e
uni fails add another 1000e
used donkeys are 8000 and over
unused donkey are around 50,000 or 500e and 1 pass
if you want an affix removed from one of my horses, we can work something out

If you don't like the horse of mine, i'll buy it back for HALF the price you bought it for

in respect for trading  you ask first you go first, i ask first, i'll go first
seniority is JUST A NUMBER it doesn't make you the better player


i accept random friend requests so you can PM me if you want to, i'll answer and if you don't like something i do talk to me first  also PLEASE DON'T TEXT TALK WITH ME, can't tell you how annoying that is, don't take something off my page without asking firs

i DO NOT ignore the PM's i get, unless you message me during Unicorn breeding, I forget or you are text talking, if you don't have time to spell then don't PM me, this game isn't your phone

my poor donkey the person put it into the safe haven after getting it, i have this else where but if you don't want a horse of mine i will buy it back 


a Female Bay spotted blanket appaloosa
a Male Flaxen chestnut Hanoverian
Moon & Sun -Pegasus
Saturn & Neptune -Unicorn
Uranus & Mercury & Venus -Donkey
Earth  -Pony
Jupiter -Horse

Unicorn Breeding

If you would like a private covering for one of you unicorn mares PM me and i will get you one for as cheap as possible, I know most of my male unicorns aren't BLUPPED but this is to help players get started with breeds where there normally are no coverings of the breed or are almost always 3000 and above in price. I will work on getting certain males BLUPPED when i have the time. after restoring my Aging Points back to where they should be.

your horse needs to be 10 years old
finish long and short rides(use trot for the short rides(speed) and steep slope for(stamina)
come in first place for 20 competetions
have top THREE skills bolded by maxing out skills from competitions and rides 


Babydow was another game run by Owlient. You raised babies to 3 years old then sent them to school. Instead of GA's and RC's we had PB's and retired PB's which were clothes for the babies to wear and players decided when they retired and that could have been at 1 sold or 1000 sold PB stood for Private Boutique. Our BMI's were FF items which stood for Fairy Forest items. The equivalent of Divines where Elves and Trolls which also gave some bonuses to our babies. Training horses and BLUPing here equaled growth and milestones there. Pass horses equaled Red and Gold uniforms for babies sent to school. I can go on but will not. 

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