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 Welcome to my page

Thank you so much for helping me get to 24th in Popularity! Congrat me and I'll congrat you back! Thank you all!

About My Howrse-ing

Hello! I'm ~Calico Cat~ and my sister is Splash14. I am also on CA, UK, AU, International, and French horse as ~Calico Cat~.

I was ~Calico Cat~ on the Howrse cup. My team kind fell apart towards the end, but, you know, whatever. We still got a fairly nice prize!

I accept random friend requests and try to congratulate all who congrat me! I try to get on Howrse every day and would love to help with the Lottery ! I love to chat, but will inform you (politely, of course.) if I'm working on a project and do not want to be disturbed. 


About ME!

I am not an adult player; I am actually in high school. I'm a girl.

In real life I own no horses or ponies (Not to mention unicorns and Pegasus : D), but I do own four dogs, six parrots, and a handful of Zebra Finches. 

I've wanted to go into a career as a zoo veterinarian since I was three years old, and I really, really, really love animals! 

I have two sisters. (They play this game as Splash14 and Wild Thing.)



PM me if you'd like to buy one of my horses, but I'm not willing to sell all of them. Horses already for sale are under the "Sales" tab.  

I'm willing to breed any two horses for you! You pay any covering/foaling fees plus agreed price.    

If you're my friend, PM me, and I'll give you 10% off the price of any sale, EXCLUDING passes. Remember, I can't go any lower then 500e.  

 PLEASE, do not PM me with ridiculous offers! If you are a newbie, or have no idea what a horse is worth, than just ask!                           

PM me if you need help with an objective related to buying/selling a horse (or not related! :D), I'd love to help!

I will offer any of my male horses out for stud. Every week the "horse of the week" will be for stud at 1000e. My top few are listed below, but if you're looking for something else, PM me or look through my farms:

Horse of the Week:  


Groups I Belong To

Currently, none.

The Unicorn List

The below list is my unicorn list! I'll sell a uni to any friend who doesn't already have one for 10,000e. 


Currently, no one!    

!!Contest!! (Currently no contest! Below is info for expired contest!)

I'm hosting a contest, one very different from any I've done before. Hopefully y'all will like it! It's quite simple actually:

The contest will be a drawing. There will be five prizes, one unicorn, two 1000+ GP Akhal-Tekes, a Z.Bolt, and a Pandora's Box.

To enter, simply friend me. You will have one entry. Every time you send me an A.P. or congratulate me, you will be entered once. Please PM me when you do do, so I do not miss you. Every time you review a friend, and in their message they specify that you did, you will receive five entries. 

The drawing will take place on July 16th. 

Everyone who enters  and does not win will receive a small prize. (Tack, Bonuses, A.P.s) 

Hopefully, out of this, we'll make some new friends and have some fun! (LOLz, I'm also desperate for aging points!)

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Random Stuff


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