Hi and welcome to my page.

  Hello and WELCOME to my page

NOTICE: I am going to be less active these two months (sadly ) but I will be on at least twice a week, but here is the good news... I am having a foal and horse sale!!! None of my offers are negotiable, but if you see a horse you like that is in the "the other horses tab" please pm me. Only a few will not be for sale ever, but a few have to have finished training.

, My howrse name is Spella!  I love all kinds of horses. All the

breeds and coat colors!  I also love icons. My profile is currently under re construction. Please congratulate me, I congratulate everyone who congratulates me. Thank you.

Thank you to these websites. Gennys Graphix, howrseinfo, glitter graphix, blingee.

 When you carry the Bible, the devil gets a headache. When you open it, he collapses. When he sees you reading it, he faints. When he sees you living it, he flees. And just when you're about to re-post this, he will try and discourage you. I just defeated him! Copy and re-post this if you're in God's army!


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Ahh, the Winter wind shines through this beautiful Equestrian Center. All the horses warm in their boxes, the few fuzzy ponies in the field munching on the pile of hay that a groom has stacked up. The young children learn to control the very movement of their horse. The horses study the young children on their backs. The riding instructor calmly instruct the students on the proper balance of being on horse back. Saddlers and farriers talk on what design to have on the saddle or what metal is going to be used to make the shoes for the annual races. This is Winter Stables, one of the Merriest places to have your horse! All the News for races or boarding rate you can find in the winter Stables profile, only a click away!

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beautyfun is my middle namestwspella
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Welcome to my Information Section on my page. Here you will find the following:
1. Q&A of Howrse.
2. My horses for sale.
3. W.S. Raffles
Much more!
1. How much seniority is required to have an equestrian center?
At least thirty days.
2. Do I have to take care of my horses every day?
You can only take care of one, the others won't be affected and won't age. (Helpful Hint: The more horses you take care of each day, the higher your ranking goes in the "Number of Horses taken care of yesterday.") 
3. How do I get a Unicorn?
It is not very easy to get a unicorn and you can not breed it with a normal horse and produce a unicorn. There are
5 ways to get a unicorn:
a. You buy it. They usually cost one pass or at least 100,000eq. The most common price is 500eq and one pass. (HH: to get a pass without buying it or killing a horse, you can go to the pass page and scroll down till you see buy passes with equas. You have to have 50 days seniority and wait at least 30 day between buys.)
b. Through contests and contest objectives. Like when howrse had the piƱata contest, you had to congratulate players or groom ten different horses. Your reward was a Unicorn, but that was after the other objectives.
c. Through Howrse Cup! (you had to be 13 to play.) After it was over, they gave promotional offers to the members according to there teams position.
d. Through gifts of kind players.
e. Through Horse trades, like if you traded a Pegasus with a GA coat for a unicorn, and both your buying numbers were equal, that was a trade.
4. I've seen horses with companions, but when I looked both at the black market and the store, there were none? Where do I get companions?
Sadly, companions had to be let go on a contest, but there are a few that remain. Some owner will sell the horses that have companions, but that would be for a very high price. (HH: ever need some equas and have a few diamonds to give? you can trade one diamond for... 2000eq! Another way is to invite a player, that is also 2000eq, and a diamond if they complete the turitiol!)

Soon going to be selling my horses in the "the other horses tab." If you would like, I could reserve one for you, the price is based on it genetics and how much training I spend on the  horse. I can also age him or her to the age you want.
Horse that are already reserved include:
Sweetheart: IloveRabblits
Dawn: Apollo1 
Dreamer: will not be sold due to high GP.
Every other horses except these are for sale.
*If you see a horse you like, PM me, some horse although will never be for sale, not even for passes. those include my GAs, Cecilia, Staright, Running, and Dreamer. Possibly only a few pegusses will be for sale, but for a very high price. Just to inform you, I do not put my horses in the safe haven.

Winter Stables
Didn't have a chance to enter the Summers Raffle?
Now you have a second chance!
W.S. Is having another raffle, and this time the prize is Dumbledore, the male mustang!
Entering starts on July 1st!
The entry form:
User Name:
Date Entered:
What do you like about mustangs:
Ideas for W.S:



Group Members

Spella- owner

Apollo1- vice president

Angy- secretariat

IloveRabbits- treasurer

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Magical Horse

Magical Horse Breeding Group is a group that breeds the most professional Friesians there are.

To join, please pm: Spella

The rules are:

1. Breed purebred Friesians.

2. Try to have one fully bulped mare and one fully bulped stallion.

3. Create a tab and affix Magical horses if you can.

4. Have fun!


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