I may be using the auto enter feature for blupping horses. Please write if my horse is stepping on yours too often and I will switch to manually entering. 

Thank you, thelegendofkorra

Thank you, Blitzen. This banner is just right.

How to become a mod written by one of our past administrators.
Here's some of the basic things we look for when choosing moderators. This is not an entire list of requirements, but it will give you a general idea if you could be in the running

- Never ask to be a mod. If you ask, you won't be considered.
- Players must be at least 18 years old to be considered for moderation
- Players must have never lost karma or been sanctioned to be considered.  What we are looking at (to disqualify) is players with a history of misbehavior.
- Potential moderators must have a working knowledge of the game.
- Players considered for moderation must be friendly and helpful to all players, not just their friends or people they like.
- Potential Moderators must have a lot of patience.
- To be considered for moderation, a player CAN NOT have a multiple account. Having multiple accounts puts you out of the running.
- A player who has cheated will never be considered for moderation.

Again, this is a very basic list of what we look for

Thank you, Pacific Jewel for the nice banner above. That horse looks like a horse that used to board at our barn.

This banner is for players to use.  Thank you.