I'm selling a M. Blood, HOP, GA and a F.Wand! PM me offers if you would like to have them! Looking for equus offers!
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Welcome to my little corner of Howrse! Thank you for visting my page. No, I do not own a real pig, but I would love to get one!

About me

Hello, I'm CaramelPiggy! I'm a eighteen year old girl from the lovely land of Los Angeles, California. I have a lot of animals! That includes 2 dogs, 5 cats, dozens of fish, a turtle and 6 chickens. My favorite color is green, (As you can see!) and I especially LOVE to bake! My goal in this game is to become rich! (Ah em, *Clears throat* not that goal!) Whoops! My mistake! LOL! My REAL goal on Howrse is to well, be helpful to all players. I love to help people. I don't know why, I just do, and being rude? Forget it. Anyone who needs help just needs to shoot me a PM, and I'll answer it as best as I can. I ABSOLUTELY love Baroque music, art and well, everything. I'm not into pop culture or anything. (Please don't feel offended! I have freedom of my opinions!) I am also a digital artist and I hope one day to enter into the Creation Space and win. My style is both realistic and comical, and I hope players will like my art and vote for it. I am very friendly to both players and the people behind the screen. I accept ALL friend requests! That's right! All! So don't hesitate to send me one! The only time I won't accept you, if you are rude to me, break Howrse's rules, or have a bad presentation/avatar. That's the only time. I will accept you even if you have bad Karma, so don't worry about that. I do NOT discriminate against race, age or Karma. Remember, I'm your friend here on Howrse!

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Divine Links: Topaz 1, Topaz 2, Topaz 3, Topaz 4, Topaz 5.



Need Help?

You must follow some basic rules to play in the best of conditions:

These are Howrse's basic rules, it's not all of them but it's best to follow them. If a player is breaking the rules, report them to a Mod. Remember, you can't handle every bad situation that comes to you. If you don't know who, or what a Mod, or Moderator is, their names are in Green. Here is a list of all Howrse's Moderators. (Links are included!)



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Hey! Over here! New to Howrse? Don't know where to go? Here are some links to help you through your journey!

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What Divine Howrse are you?
Your Result: Cowbra
the cowbra is said to be howrse's creator's horse. this is the rarest and most sought after divine on howrse. there is only one. he cannot reproduce nor be sold, but he is the greatest of all howrses. he is the only divine thats unranked... just of like you! you have characteristics that make you one of the best players howrse has ever seen. you neither lie nor cheat. you have helped hundreds of players, and have helped keep howrse safe. you have been on howrse when if first started, and your loyalty has not wavered yet. you bred exceptional horses, and ran a great EC. you have never lost karma points, and have one of the best reputations. you are known for almost everything; your horses, your EC, your personality, your seniority... you are a respected member of howrse, one who everyone looks up to. if you are like a cowbra, then you have defiantly earned that title. howrse treasures you. everyone wants to know you, to be you...