Great Challenge Part 2: The Festivities started!

The Derby!

Let the races begin! Until 07/24/2017 14:00, throw balls to get the "toy" horses to race across the board to the end that earns you flags. How far your horse moves depends upon which hole the ball fell into.

Every day of the Festivities each player has a specific number of races they can do for free, which was determined during the Great Challenge based off the number of horseshoes the community collected. However, it is between at least once per day and 4 times per day at the most.

To run more races, it will cost Equus starting at 5 Equus and increasing each time to a maximum of 500,000 Equus. Guess what?! This fee resets with each daily maintenance update. default smiley ;)

What can I use the flags for? You can use the flags to purchase your choice of prize among those available, including the new divine Caryopsis, who only requires 1,350 flags!

The Derby!

Best Wishes,

The Howrse Team
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@Draft mare 101 and @Cameron1

I agree with both of you. I know I shouldn't complain but I just really don't like this promo. Please bring back the lotto Howrse!
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This is the WORST promo ever. Period. I have no idea who's bright mind decided to change the lottery to this? I am a pass buyer that buy at least 20-30 passes each month, but this promo makes me wanna drop the game and go somewhere else where I actually can get something actually funny and entertaining for my money. default smiley (n) default smiley (n) default smiley (n)
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I've had pretty good luck with the promo so far. I generally come in second place, with the occasional first place win.

My only complaint is that the price triples. In order for me to start the derby, I have to spend 20k equus. If I attempted to play again after that, it would jump to 60k equus. I also think that some of the prizes are a bit too expensive.

Other than that, I'm enjoying this promotion!
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Ok so
I actually agree with people on how the derby is quite slow and boring and it does get quite pricey. I also did the math and if I got last place in every race I would have to do the races 113 times to get the new divine. Talk about pricey! However, I like how I can get a horn of plenty for relatively cheap as with the other BMI's. Even with all this, I prefer it over the lottery. While the lottery was faster, I cannot play it (unless I get the free tickets via UFO) because it is basically gambling. So overall just improve the speed of the derby and maybe a wider choice of games for more fun?
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Agree with the players above. This promo is a dud. The racing is boring - I didn't even bother to log in yesterday. I have bought some red tack, some droppings, Ow's Ray, and the Vintage Apple. I haven't used any of my Vintage Apples yet, but eventually I need to come up with a strategy to use them to get those trophies. I wish VA's were salable. I haven't put any on yet because I don't like the idea of trapping horses on my account.

Originally I thought this promo was going to involve racing against other players, sort of like those event competition promos. That would be more fun.

Also, I was surprised we don't get event trophies for doing this game - but I guess they were awarded in part 1 of the promo. Another disincentive for doing this game.

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I'm personally not a fan of all these people complainingdefault smiley (n) Howrse did another fantastic job, and NO ONE said you have to play.
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How do I use my bonuses?
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Is it just me or are people getting a little too dramatic over this? There will be other promos. Just because you as an individual don't like it, doesn't mean it's bad.
We all have our own cup of tea default smiley (l)
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Its not about being dramatic, Ive been playing for about 3-4 years I think and I've seen my fair share of bad promos. BUT, Howrse has always turned around and fixed what the players have stressed they don't like. If we didn't complain about certain issues nothing would be fixed/changed. Now if a someone just says "Oh, I hate this promo" and not give a reason or the famous complaint "they should make the Divine easier to get without using any passes or equus" then I can understand peoples irritation. Players need to stress and complain about what they don't like because the Team DOES read these things. If they didn't I wouldn't still be around and dump my money into this game. This promo has got its problems and I guarantee the next time it comes around we will see improvements. On that note, the Lottery is still my favorite and I wouldn't mind seeing that one next or soon...maybe without the great challenge...default smiley :p *hint,hint* default smiley (lol)
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Cameron1 wrote:

Now if a someone just says "Oh, I hate this promo" and not give a reason or the famous complaint "they should make the Divine easier to get without using any passes or equus" then I can understand peoples irritation. Players need to stress and complain about what they don't like because the Team DOES read these things.

They absolutely do read comments. Do remember this is the first time this type of promo has been presented.

However complaints that are written in an aggressive way tend to be dismissed. So when the survey comes about please do put up where you were unsatisfied and do suggest areas of improvement with samples. This is where the Team can take them to the developers with specific areas and solution samples they can test to see if it can be coded and feasibility.

Remember that not always can suggestions be implemented but I can guarantee if suggestions were made they will be looked at.
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I actually like this promo, it is expensive, I think a newer player would have a really hard time one the races hit the 12K plus each for each run, but I like that you choose the prizes, and because I love to gamble with the lottery, I'd love to see both the lottery and the derby come back at different times.
My only suggestion is this: Maybe make it a little more exciting, by making it a more skill-set type game. Rather than repetitive clicking that you have no control over, why not make it a little more along the lines of a real carnival game, where it's up to you to throw the ball into the right point opening. It would require a little more skill, and you'd have to pay attention to control your mouse properly, but it would be more interactive, and sounds like a lot of fun to me as someone who loves carnival games, but is really no good at them in reality.
Otherwise it's a great contest, and I love it. Thanks Howrse.
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I'm not a fan of this new event. First off it takes a long time to throw the ball and have the horse reach the end of the track. Next you barely get any flags even when you win first. Then the prizes are not appealing except at the top and there is no way unless you have tons of equus will you have any shot at the top prizes. Finally you barely have anytime to complete this promotion. I think this promotion is bad and hopefully won't come back. I'm really not angry over this promotion just a little disappointed.
bright horizons
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So, I feel like I should know this but...I haven't bought any prizes yet, do you only get them after the event is over?
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Finished up today and left no flags left over. Didn't love this promo but didn't hate it either. I still prefer the lottery, but if Howrse does bring this back I'm sure it will have changes to it.
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sparky wrote:

So, I feel like I should know this but...I haven't bought any prizes yet, do you only get them after the event is over?

You can wait or buy now. It is your choice.
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Finished today with no flags left. Bought 500 points, droppings, 2** equipment stuff, 20 aging points, and 27,000 equus. I didn't spend nearly that much, so this is counted as a good promo for me. I'll stock up on BMIs in the next promo hopefully default smiley :)
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I finished today and got-
1x Horn of Plenty
50x Sand
10x Mash
26,000 Equus
1x Red 2** Polo Wraps
1x Red 2** Ear Bonnet
1x Red and blue 2** Classical Saddle Cloth
200x Droppings
22x Aging Points
2x Shower
500 Points in the overall ranking
1x Black Orchid
1x Fertility Wand
1x Vintage Apple
I have an extra 22 bonuses which I won't be using. Maybe Howrse could introduce an exchange feature for 1 bonus= however many flags?
I'm surprised how easy it was to find bonuses, good job Howrsedefault smiley (y)
Wasn't a fan of this event due to the repetitiveness and expensiveness so fingers crossed next time we will see the Lottery.default smiley (lol)
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I finished with no flags. Didn't get a lot of decent prizes besides the fertility wand. I really hope they don't continue to use this derby as an alternate for the tickets.
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Finished with what I wanted all in all....
1 x HoP.
1 x Fertility Wand.
1 x Vintage Apple.
1 x Ow's Ray.
2 x Philote's Stroke.
2 x Shower.
2 each of 2** Saddle Blanket, polo wraps, and ear bonnet.
100 Sand.
2 Aging Points.
Plus a few misc prizes.

And adding that too what I got in the Great Challenge, 15+ passes worth of items, plus misc. cash and shop items. Not bad, no passes spent, enjoyed the event overall.
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I have to be honest. The one thing I like about this promo was the mail saying it ends soon.
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Ok, let me be different and say what I loved. I love that we got to choose our prizes. I loved that I didn't spend any passes. I loved that it was easy and my horse Lucky did well most of the time. I loved that if you didn't use bonuses you only lost one or two points. And I got

I Hera, I apple, 20 AP, 1 Ow's ray, I black orchid, I Pstroke, a shower, some droppings for my fertilizer loving divines,the red polo wraps I was missing, and some sand.

And, the promo took me no more than 10 minutes a day. default smiley (7)
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ended the derby today with 893 flags didn't have enough for the Herme's Winged Staff thoughdefault smiley :( got to figure it up and decide what i want!

I thought this promo was a blast, Bonus's were easy to come by, and i liked how your derby horse got to move before the other 3 horses. I also really liked that we got to choose our prizes, cause in the lottery you get what you get. and the HoP wasn't super expensive which was nice!

But it would have been more interesting if we could have done more to shoot the ball clicking gets old!
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I never thought I would be happy for droppings as a prize, but I got several sets of droppings. default smiley (lol)
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