Survey: California Piñatas

Get all your Piñatas broken open?

We would like to ask for you to take a few moments from your game play to rate the Piñata contest. Using the five categories shown below, please rate them between 1 and 10. Remember the lower the number is the more negative the rating and the higher the number the more positive the rating.

We appreciate any comments you have about this edition of the contest and the time you give to participate in completing this survey.

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I really like the improvement Howrse made for us to help friends. Much easier with this promo! dq
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This was my favourite pinata event ever. The graphics were beautiful. The middle-of-the-night cllcks were annoying as always but everything else was great. Did I say "annoying?"....I meant "challenging." default smiley (lol)
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It was good. Next time, allow the objectives to be done in any order like the Great Challenge.
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The comp. was good to get some cool prizes with but then again, you have five chances and then you have to wait 12 hours to get more taps unless you use passes. I can't buy passes and I have a extremely hard time getting passes so this comp. was super boring for medefault smiley (n)sorry
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I loved the theme, it was Native American, and they are as tied with horses as well saddles are. Ignore those who refuse to play because it wasn't THEIR culture or against their views, their loss

The problem is without passes and spending them it was hard to get through, plus only hitting it every 8 hours was annoying, seeing how I had work. BUT all in all it was fun to play, I ust with I didnt have to hit the pinatas as high as they were.... my goal was to get a uni, sadly I was unable to unless I spent passes

5 out of ten overall for ease of gameplay
10 for the theme, it was beautifully done
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Will be raising good sound western horses
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I was relatively pleased with the piñata promo, found it really easy to progress being a nonpass buyer, but I found you would still need to purchase/spend passes to get to the divine. I was pleased.
mistakes live
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Excellent prizes, thank you Howrse!default smiley (l)
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I really like this promo. I don't mind the four-hour interval, though I know it can be a problem for some of the players that sleep on regular schedules. default smiley :)

Wonderful artwork, easy to progress. Give it a 8-9 overall. For those who are complaining it was pass heavy, plenty of us still stroke a Xanthos every day and when we get HoP's we save them up for things like this. I wasn't rich in them this time so I did have to buy some but if you save those things up then you don't have such a huge task on the pass front. The points per HoP were nice and made it a lot easier to progress. I actually made it through this time. I hadn't been expecting to but I opened #19 and had a day left. With the objectives and clicks plus an HoP, I made it. It was also great that we could still click on friend's pinatas after we completed if we got done early.

Some things I'd like to see:

I think we should be able to click on each friend's pinatas more than once a day. So if they have 3 pending friend clicks, you can do more than one for them. That would help those who have smaller friend lists.

I'd like to see Hallaloth's idea of the points rolling over come to pass. I wasted a lot of points when I needed 5 points or so and clicks were more than that. They roll over in other promos and I think it'd help some players progress faster.

I would like to see the objectives be able to be filled in any order like on the Great Challenge's objectives. Though I did buy my way out of a good handful of them so thank you for keeping that option in there.

Overall, great promo. I had fun, wasn't hard to do, not a lot of planning ahead outside of figuring up how many hits you needed after objective bonuses.
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I have been on Howrse for almost a year now, and this event was one of the most annoying and frustrating yet. There is no point to try to get anywhere (in any events!!) if you aren't a pass buyer; these events basically force you to buy passes, no matter what. Sure, there are deals and all that on the Black Market, but you still have to pay for them. And the amount of passes you would have to spend to get the divine, even if you used every single hit and mace blow you could, are at least 7-10, I'm sure. So, really, getting that divine without passes is literally impossible. And I do realize that Howrse has to make money somehow, but try not to force it on people who have clearly stated it's not going to happen. Please. I have multiple friends who either don't do events, or have quit the game altogether because of frustration from events like this.

Overall, this event gets a 4 stars out of 10 from me. Most of that is because I'm giving Howrse credit for the nice visual display.
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Sorry Howrse this was not my favorite promo it was easy yes but kind of boring and very annoying because you have to buy passes in order to proceed. Now I don't mind games where you have to buy passes but at least make it interesting and not just by clicking on something. I don't know why I just did not like this promo. I only gave it 6 out of 10. I like the graphics and the prizes that where given that about it anything else about it I did not like it.
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I've always enjoyed the pinata promos! I liked this one; didn't get as far as I'd like but that's because of my busy schedule.
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I loved the visuals and the prizes were okay. The pinatas were always my favorite promo. My only complaint is it was more pass- heavy than I would have liked but the divine was worth it. That being said, I wish the clicks accumulated instead of just being a set amount every few hours and that it didn't require quite as many passes. I liked how we were able to skip objectives by trading unwanted black market items, I don't remember that being a feature before and I really liked it.
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It was really fun to work with my friends and help them out
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its a nice game, but its just kindof hard to get through and its not my favorite. i prefer cards.
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I like all the events on Howrse, but you can only ever finish them if you pay. Not fair to the majority of us.
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I normally would give this one a 10, but this time it wouldn't work for me at all. I broke open the first one and it wouldn't let me continue. default smiley :(
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eofan92 wrote:

I normally would give this one a 10, but this time it wouldn't work for me at all. I broke open the first one and it wouldn't let me continue. default smiley :(

Did you go to contact us?

Also did you do all parts of the tutorial ?
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I made it through #16 (I think) and was fairly pleased with the promo. I'd have loved to have the divine, but the event didn't work out well with my pay schedule so it simply was not in the cards as I didn't have the extra cash laying around. In fact, I often don't lately with four kids in school and three wanting to participate in pretty much every possible school activity they find!

Overall I enjoyed the event, though like others I would like to see the points carry over to the next Pinata. Losing so many points out of a click is painful and makes a very large difference in later levels.
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I think the promotion wasn't so bad, but I can't really judge how cheap or pricey it was because I didn't bother spending any passes. I liked the prizes and how you could click on others' pinatas to help them, but I think that maybe the cost of each friend click can be reduced.

Maelystra wrote:

Overall I enjoyed the event, though like others I would like to see the points carry over to the next Pinata. Losing so many points out of a click is painful and makes a very large difference in later levels.

I think there should also be something you can do in order to "ask for help" in completing an objective.
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