Hey y'all! I'm daisystream166.

I was an active player on this game up to about two years ago, but have since lost interest in the game. However, I do have a large stockpile of BMI's and horses that I'll likely never use- and so I think they should go to more active players! And thus..

This is a first come, first served giveaway, meaning the earlier you register (registration is open RIGHT NOW!), the more expensive BMI's that will be left! Everyone who registers will win 3 randomized prizes from the list below until I run out. Once you register, you will be placed on a waiting list of recipients (since I can only make 3 trades a week). It may take me a while to get through them all, so please be patient!
To enter, just PM me with the title "Giveaway" and make sure your account follows the entry rules below. Please also include in the message if you have never had a unicorn and would like to potentially receive one. :)
Requirements to Enter:
These rules are simply to ensure my items are going to players dedicated to the game.
I would also appreciate it if you could post my banner on your page (although it is not a requirement to enter)! PM me for the HTML code.