There are 3 parts to this presentation that are simple and helpful to you, the reader...

A. How I play Howrse!

B. Helps that helped me (so far)!

C. Who you are reading about!


How I play Howrse:

1. I congratulate those who congratulate me AND my friends.

2. I accept ALL friend requests.

3. I may delete you as my friend after 20 days of inactivity without knowing why.

4. I always try very hard to help my friends with promotions and game objectives.

5. I have fun and compete only with myself in my goals.

6. I log onto this site daily with few exceptions.

7. I am comfortable working my way upwards (slowly) trying to learn as much as possible.


Helps that helped me (so far):

Take the time to review the following presentations of friends...

genessa, Tamz, WrangOne, Windwalker2, cjhorses, ???

to be continued...