If ArcticFox192 finds this at the top of your page, you may receive a gift of equus or BMIs


Breeder of Gypsy Vanner, Akhal Teke, Frisian, Paint, Arabian, Highlander, Hanoverian, Icelandic pony, Thoroughbred, and Lipizzaner unicorns, looking into new breeds! PM me if you have a unicorn you'd like to sell and we can negotiate a price.

Don't steal my avatar, it's my character Aspen the anthropomorphic wolf as drawn by me.

Contest for all you Star Wars Fans. My horse, Anakin Skywalker, is traveling across the galaxy. It's up to you to name the planet that he is on right now. I think this link will work, otherwise he is in my 'Stangs And Beauties barn.

Anakin Skywalker

Anakin is enjoying his time on Felucia before he's sent off on another mission...

horsefan1111 guessed Anakin was on FELUCIA!

maggiecs11 guessed Anakin was on NABOO.

maggiecs11 guessed Anakin was spying on KAMINO. 

SUNSET guessed Anakin was vacationing on CORUSCANT! 

maggiecs11 guessed Anakin was on GENOSIS! 

SUNSET guessed Anakin was on HOTH! 

RoanArabian guessed Anakin was on MUSTAFAR! 



I'm Dacoda132 (or Dac for short). I'm a young adult. I accept all friend requests and do my best to return congratulations. I'd love to start up a conversation with you about Howrse or anything that's on my list of interests. I'm a Christian, so you won't hear me swear. Ever. I'd appreciate it if you'd try to keep your language clean if you choose to PM me.  

I'm really easy-going and laid back on here. My friends say that I'm super sweet and kind, as well as funny... 


~I love Star Wars and I'm a Jedi (edit 2/10/18: I may choose to join the Mandalorians... I hear they accept Force Sensitives)(edit 2/10/20: I'm building a Mandalorian costume now, guess I'm not a Jedi anymore!). I've been obsessed since July 17, 2015, when I saw Return of the Jedi in a park. 

~I love to read. My favorite books include the Wings of Fire series, the Wolves of the Beyond series, the Firebird series, Dee Henderson books, and anything in the Star Wars expanded universe.

~I love to write. If you want to read a fanfiction of mine, go to Wattpad. I'm PencilPadawan and my stories are Iron Braid and The Horde. I've also written several short stories for contests. I have won first place in two and a third in another.

~I am Dacoda132 on DeviantArt, where I regularly post Star Wars and Wings of Fire art.

~You can find more of my artwork on my instagram page, @dacoda132


I've been playing this game on and off for 4 years, 6 months, 1 week, and 3 days (As of 11/23/2018).

I started out playing late on a Tuesday night with my first horse, Ginger. I've always loved painted horses, with black tobiano being among my many favorites.

I met ChaosGirl6, who was my first friend. She gave me turnip seeds (remember those?) and some advice: You can make a lot of equus off your meadows and crops!

After a few months, I started breeding unis, and continue to this day.

Beyond that, I don't remember much until I met RoanArabian. At first, I wanted to know if she was in any Warriors clans here on Howrse... Little did I know that this girl was going to become one of my best friends! We've since graduated from a Howrse-based relationship to a various-social-media based one that's easier for chatting. She's encouraged me in my love of Star Wars and I'm proud to say I'm her Jedi Padawan.

After that, I had a few encounters... one with a team (that didn't go well), one with a player who will remain nameless (that really didn't go well), and one with another kind player, Sensei_Garmadon (originally LordGarmadon57 until she got hacked). I enjoy talking with her and roleplaying Star Wars.

I've introduced both of my siblings to Howrse. They are AJscool21 and Hey Charlie. I also have introduced several friends to Howrse, including ArticFox192.

If you made it to the end of this, congrats! You now know quite a bit about me and my game. Feel free to shoot me a message to chat, ask about breedings, sales, BMI's, or more. I don't bite!

I breed all of the drafts and donkeys, so feel free to contact me about a custom foal or breedings to my studs.


COLOR: All of them! Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue, cyan and coral, red, black, white, teal...

ANIMAL: Horses, Wolves, Any kind of reptile especially snakes, lizards, and crocodiles.
FOOD: Meatloaf, Cottage Cheese, Venison Snack Sticks (Hickory flavor) Chinese food, bread-and-butter pickles.
Least favorite foods: Asparagus and avocado.

Learn Spanish. Learn Mando'a. Publish a novel before I turn 20. Own large dogs and a snake. Run a horse sim game. Create a functioning roleplay website. Sell art! Make costumes of a Jedi, Lando Calrissian, Patchwork, Aspen, and D'ac the Mandalorian.

I'm a grammar ninja. So people who PM me in chatspeak and don't use punctuation, capitalization, and grammar drive me INSANE. Except for you, RoanArabian. Only you. =)
I love the asparagus flower. It reminds me of Hawaiian Blues. 
I order the same thing at Russ' and have for like 5 years. Meatloaf with Scalloped Potatoes, Cole Slaw and a Cherry Coke.
That's all I can think of now.

I will roleplay Star Wars with you using the mail system. Just ask!
I have learned how to change the Internet into Aurebesh. Every page of it. I will gladly share how I did it with you. After all, everyone should know Aurebesh.

I am making Lightsabers. I'll keep this section updated.
The Master who is teaching me is HappyTrooper on YouTube.
3/11/17 Saber- coat 2 of primer. Grips have coat 2.
Shoto- Varnish is satisfactory, pieces are finished for both!
3/4/17 Saber-Cut the hilt to the right length and sanded. Prep coat's on! Grips are cut, 1 coat primer.
Shoto-Coat 2 of varnish. Pieces have color coats! Got the bottoms ready for assembly!
2/26/17 Saber- Planning on sanding and etching today in prep for spray paint.
Shoto- Coat 1 of stain. Might need 3/4. Peices got another coat, will probably be sanded again today.
2/25/17 Saber- Acquired the main piece for the hilt. Also got d-rings for the clips. 
Shoto- Will be staining the hilt today. Grips and decorations should have coat 2 today also.