Please go check out my artwork at Deviantart and tell me what you think. I AM SELLING MOST OF MY HORSES TO START SPECIFIC BREEDING AND TRAINING photo forstardancer.pngI am coding my new layout so it has type your text here things everywhere. Pllease excuse that
My name is maycie. I am a girl between the ages of 10 and 18. I do school online which gives me some time for this. I do krav maya, kickboxing and volleyball. I love my besties with all my heart. I love foxes, whales, horses, panda's and polar bears. I am really into photography, art, and music. My deviant art account is mayciea. I do not have a horse in real life, but i do have two sugar gliders and two cats. I am in the process of making this layout so please bear with me haha. One of my brothers is Tigerman123 so go throw a friend request his way please. There's a girl named Talia. She's 13 and has been battling cancer for 6 years. She is a youtube beauty guru. makeup is her wig. she hasn't been doing to well the past few days and she just signed DNR papers. Please pray for talia and her family #justkeepswimming
Arabian horses are my main breed. I am breeding skiller arabians so go check them out. I don't have prices for foals yet, but when i do i'll post. I am in the unicorn breeding group Majestic Horns. I breed and sell unicorns so PM me if you're interested and i'll tell you price and send you a form to fill out. I accept all friend requests and answer PM's. Don't worry i won't bite. I'M SELLING MOST OF MY NON UNI/GA COAT HORSES AND RESTARTING. CHECK MY SALES. HORSES ARE GOING QUICK. ALL BREEDS. NO UNICORNS OR GA COATS
Summer writing contest!!! Write a story about one of these three things: A. a horse named Summer  B. The new girl named summer C. a story that you want about the season summer. Max 15 entries. Prizes will be posted later. Entries will be down below.                              1. Lily The Puppy                                                                                                                                                                            Drawing contest!!!!                  Draw any animal you want in whatever manner and PM me the link to it or post it on your page. Prizes will be posted later and so will contestants. Both contests End At the end of august