Welcome to 'S Rioghal Mo Dhream


I am an Adult player with 3 beautiful kids. I grew up with horses (Arabs and Half Arabs), but I don't currently own any. So this is my therapy.


I love playing this game as is has become a family project. My kids are great for sending me stuff and we are all getting really good at building our horses skills. We have daily "reports" on who needs what. Hopefully, they will learn what a bit of cooperation can accomplish.

I am glad to help in any way I can. Especially newer players. However, please do not ask me to negotiate on prices of my horses in sales unless it says "negotiable". I usually put some thought into it, so if I am flexible it will say so. 

Also, I am not on a breeding team. I work my horses myself and BLUP independently. This means I also don't usually have time to "investigate" the other horses in whatever comps I enter mine in. I mostly just click on the first comp available in the list. If I inadvertently "stomp" your horse, please realize, I am just playing my game. I don't do it intentionally, but I also don't feel I need to be responsible for other people's games.

Finally, this is a GAME and meant to be FUN. Please let's keep it that way.