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That nasty disrupter of play time has struck again. Due to real life issues, AdrienneS will, for the time being, be handling skiller sales for team  ᑥᗩĕđɱōƝ,    

As some of you may have noticed, the times I am on the game have become irregular. I won't bore you with a long explanation, suffice to say that I have serious medical issues.. I work around it as I can, so please be patient if I don't respond to message immediately.

Team Info. Applies to All Teams

Due to real life issues, continued involvement in team management is impossible..

Therefore, team ᑥᗩĕđɱōƝ, Welsh Ponies will be managed by AdrienneS. All inquiries should be directed to her.

Team Haute Levade, Lipizzans, will be managed by La Belle Fleur. All inquiries should be directed to her.

Team Blissful Quarters, Quarter Horse, will be managed by JessieJ. All inquiries should be directed to her

Each team manager has their own management style and vision for the team. They are in control and their word is final.

If you ask for or about something and don't like the answer, going to another team member to try and get around the managers decision is very much frowned upon and will get you nothing.

Each team has rules and regulations that their members must follow and, I guarantee, they will not jeopardize their position on the team for you.

All teams post their recruiting requirements on the team page. If it says Recruitment is closed, it's closed. No exceptions.


No covers(private or public) are ever offered from ANY TEAM horses.

No team horse is ever sold ungelded.

Cross Bred Team horses will never be sold ungelded.

Skiller release schedules are noted in team presentations.

About Me 

I appreciate the game and play it to have fun but health issues are limiting my ability to play for long periods of time. 

If I do not answer your messages as they appear, it is because my co managers are on. When I logon I will answer as many messages as I am able. 

Please send inquires on team business and skillers to AdrienneS for Welsh team, La Belle Fleur for Lippizan team and Jessie J for QH team. 

I will be glad to answer game play questions, but please check the game help before asking. Most of the questions I receive are answered there..


My rules still apply:

I DO NOT accept random friend requests for any reasons.
I DO NOT hand out freebies.
I DO NOT supply covers from team horses.
I DO NOT sell back horses I have bought.
If it IS NOT posted for sale. it is not for sale, please do not ask.
I DO NOT sell un-gelded team horses unless it is below approved GP release.
I AM NOT looking for AP farmers.. nor do I plan to ever have anyone... so please do not ask.
I WILL be happy to help answer game questions and help out as I can.
I WILL BLOCK you if you persist in breaking the rules.

Only horses that are in the sales barns are available. If it isn't in a sales barn, it isn't for sale.



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