$$ Uni Sales:

Five uni foals, your choice, 3 passes. Make sure you include the names of the foals in your PM.

About Me:

I appreciate the game and play it to have fun but health issues are limiting my ability to play for long periods of time.

If I do not answer your messages as they appear, it is because my co managers are on.

When I logon I will answer as many messages as I am able.

Please send inquires on team business and skillers to ktroncat for Welsh team, La Belle Fleur for Lippizan team and Jessie J for QH team.

I will be glad to answer game play questions, but please check the game help before asking. Most of the questions I receive are answered there.

My rules still apply:

I DO NOT accept random friend requests for any reasons.
I DO NOT hand out freebies.
I DO NOT supply covers from team horses.
I DO NOT sell back horses I have bought.
If it IS NOT posted for sale. it is not for sale, please do not ask.
I DO NOT sell un-gelded team horses unless it is below approved GP release.
I AM NOT looking for AP farmers.. nor do I plan to ever have anyone... so please do not ask.
I WILL be happy to help answer game questions and help out as I can.
I WILL BLOCK you if you persist in breaking the rules.

My Teams: