Hi! Welcome to my page. I am mimimorgan and I own and breed Morgan Horses in real life. You can see them on my Brookridge Morgans website (Google it). There's a lot to see there- I love to take pictures, and can get a little wordy ;-)  Years ago I showed my Morgans in dressage, western pleasure, trail and hunter classes, both in open and Morgan Breed Shows. Nowadays I am a breeder on a very small scale. 

I also have an account on the International server, same username (mimimorgan), look me up there too and send a friend request- I accept all and will return congratulations :-)

I am an artist specializing in horses, both sculpted and painted, and also write for our breed journal, THE MORGAN HORSE magazine. I plan to submit some more designs for the Golden Apples- one made the cut so far, it is called "Unconventional" and is a riding horse coat.

Some of my favorites and most winning Howrses are my Divines and my Prix Horses. The others are Howrses I got when I first started in the game, or those who interested me for some reason, so I bought them. I try to keep my EC at 60 E lessons so I can make every horse the best they can be, no matter what their GP :-). Check out my Fabulous Foundies tab to see some Foundies that were mostly or totally raised and finished with all bonuses and 60E lessons (depending on how old they were when I got them). More are in process as part of my Work to 25 group. A lot of them have pets, another thing I like to collect here on Howrse.

I am honored to lead the Captain Morgan team. I'm so happy Owlient finally brought Morgans to US Howrse!



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