Hi this Is EDAdancer153, I am a dancer as my username suggests and I also ride horses. I don't have a horse of my own as of right now, but I hope to get one in the future.

I started out my game with Purebred Spanish horses and Akhal-Tekes, but I expanded my horizons and started buying Thoroughbreds and Arabians. More recently I have started working with Fjords, Appaloosas, KWPNs, Selle Français, Quarter horses and Barbs. I have recently started breeding and all-breed horse for fun. This means that I breed all the different breeds currently available so I can one crossbreed that has all the breeds in it.  

I also manage the Equestrian center MidnightStars. I just started a new account of the International server. Although right now it isn't very accomplished, I hope to progress with that one. My International server username is also EDAdancer153. I focus on this account more and that one is just for fun so I'm not on it often.

A little about me in real life. I dance and love to ride horses. Over the summer I half leased an Appendix Quarter horse named Indie, but I had to stop over the school year since I get too busy. I have a dog named Dakota who is about 3 years old. She is a mutt and still acts like a puppy, but I love her anyways. I have been training her to do agility and she loves it, plus it help burn all her excess energy. 

Feel free to make an offer on any of my horses even if they aren't for sale already. Just be aware that I might not sell it to you even if it's a fair price. Please be respectful if I don't accept your offer. I will accept all friend request and if you congratulate me, I will do my best to congratulate you back. Have a great day!!

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