Having a BMI sale! Message me for prices/trades!

I currently have:

Philotes' Stroke x10

Piece of Cloud x2

Apollo's Lyre x 4 

Medusa's Blood x 4

Croesus' Fortune x 2

 Achilles' Heel x 6

 Pandora's Box x 6

 Ploutos' Parchment x 6

 Water of Youth x 4

Poseidon's Pack x 4

Bonus Pack x 3

Hypnos' Blanket x 5

Welcome to my page!  I was a member several years ago under the username rosti. My account vanished so I recently started a new one-under the same name! 
I strive to raise high GP Quarter Horses with high skill levels as well. After I feel comfortably established in that goal, I will add another breed. For now, I will concentrate on the QHs. 
Feel free to give me a reasonable offer on any horse. If the price is right, I will part with any horse I own. 
If you'd like to use one of my stallions to cover your mare, let me know. At this time, all stud fees are $500.