ALERT: I use auto-comp! I do not deliberately stomp anyone. If you've noticed one of my horses has repeatedly entered one of the comps you've joined, PM me and I'll try to help fill some for you.

I am an adult player between the ages of 20-35. I mainly focus on assisting my teams, and unicorn breeding, as for me it is very exciting to not know for sure if this covering will be the one or not that gives you that beautiful horn! However, I am expanding my focus as of late.

Frost Topaz 1 Topaz 2 Topaz 3 Topaz 4 Topaz 5 Xanthos 1 Xanthos 2 Xanthos 3 Xanthos 4 Xanthos 5
....Not mine, but listed here to stroke easier!

Also, I will buy any unwanted horses for 2k or less. Just reserve and PM me!
 Looking for:
I will pay 100,000e per Zeus lightning bolts
I will pay 300,000e per Morpheus Arms
I will pay 50,000e per piece of cloud
I will pay 60,000e per Pandoras Box
I will pay 50,000e per Black Orchid