Thanks for checking out my page! A little about me... I am a licensed veterinary technologist, and aspiring equine veterinary technician specialist. I recently completed my Bachelor's degree in veterinary technology, and I work as a technician in a mixed animal hospital. I have 2 dogs, 4 cats, and several fish. I don't currently own any horses, but I plan to in the near future! My hobbies include hunting, fishing, western trail riding, writing, and drawing/painting. As a busy adult player who just plays for fun in free time, I'm not always online, so it may take me some time for to reply to any messages.*

*will not reply to rude messages.

horses at round up


*Since I am not always able to be online, and therefore could not give boarders and players the necessary attention, I do not operate an equestrian center.

*I am ALWAYS looking to buy/trade Golden Apples, Medusa's Blood, and Philosopher's Stones! I will buy Medusa's Blood for 50,000 equus each, Golden Apples for 100,000 equus each, and Philosopher's Stones for 150,000 equus each. Message me if you have any you're willing to sell or trade!


I have no particular game goals, but I specialize in breeding drafts, ponies, donkeys, and unicorns. I buy any breed with BM items, high GP, and high skills, and breed those with higher GP and BLUP. I used to only breed and sell high GP horses, but staying on top of that became more stress than fun. I do occasionally breed "special order" foals; message me to negotiate for a specific foal. I usually have a few horses for sale at any time, but if the horse is not listed in sales, PLEASE DO NOT ASK (includes immortal, GA coat, and age 30+ horses!). My stallions with a positive BLUP are available for coverings; message me to reserve one. I will buy any unwanted horse for 500e-4000e, depending on breed and GP. In trades, the person with less seniority goes first. I return congratulations upon logging in and accept most friend requests.
Most won't read this, but just a few things... all I ask is to PLEASE BE NICE (I'm here for fun, so don't message just to be rude, it will be reported), and DON'T MAKE LOW-BALL OFFERS ON MY NEGOTIABLE SALES. I WON'T REPLY. Also, if a player negotiates lower on one of my sales, and I see them immediately putting the horse back in a sale and asking 2-3x what they paid me, I WILL NOT buy from/negotiate with that player again. Lastly, if I reserve a horse in a sale for you, please pick it up within 48 hours (if you can), or I may cancel it and need you to message me again; this is just due to events where I've had expired sales "glitch" and horses literally vanish from the game. Otherwise, we will have no issues, as I'm a pretty laid back player. %28y%29.png
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