Howdy everyone! ;)

I have played on Howrse before, but that was a very long time ago, and I lost my original account.  I love to chat and make buddies, so don't be shy! 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png

If you are underage, please get a parent or guardians permission before you message me :)


I currently have some horses for sale! All the ones available are in the auctions. They are price negotiable even if it isn't listed as such. If you are interested in buying one of them, click on my Currently for Sale icon at the bottom of the page, and PM me with any questions! :)

Covering Policy:

I offer coverings from my stallions. I usually have public coverings available, but if you don't see any for the stallion you're interested in, send me a message. 

%28l%29.pngMy Horses%28l%29.png

*All horses listed are bred by me and belong to the affix 'of Cosmos Voyagers', except for my foundation mare Nova 3613.35.

*Nova 3613.35
 Phoibe 3640.34
  Pyxis 3653.51  Titania 3653.57
                            Polaris 3660.98    Cordelia 3662.09
                                                           Triton 3683.66  Saros 3683.50  Nyssa 3683.50



                                                                                   Dorado 3698.06  Callisto 3695.47

Featured Stallions:

Polar Vortex 6497- Purebred Thoroughbred- 6497 Potential- 100 BLUP

Atlas 6449- Purebred Thoroughbred- 6449 Potential- In Training

Meridian 6422- Purebred Thoroughbred- 6422 Potential- 100 BLUP

Mr. Brightside- Purebred Thoroughbred- 6361.55 Potential- 100 BLUP

None of my horses are For Sale unless they are in the auctions :) Please do not message me asking to sell a certain horse to you if it is not in the auctions.