I feel a bit like a cliché saying this so bear with me - but frankly real life has started to take priority and my interest in the game is slipping. My dear teammates access my account regularly to fill so it says I've logged in everyday but as of posting this (4/4/19) I have only been online twice in as many weeks, and only to check PMs briefly. If it takes me a while to respond, that's why. I am in the process of considering whether to quit completely or go on a hiatus until further notice. Thank you for your patience. 

These are a small selection of the retired coats I am searching for. I am highly motivated to purchase unicorn coats, and would love to page through your sale barn, shoot me a line~



Who am I
Hi I am dreamindeer, go by Dream for short. I am passionate about breeding unis, both on my own and with my wonderful breeding partners. I also love working Prix horses with Blissful Venture, we have so much fun and love to blup horses!! I am a young adult in the Pacific Northwest working on my degree in Industrial Engineering, who in her free time spends too much time on this game with the many friends I have made here.

My Game

I have pulled back to spend more time offline. I still love popping in here and you can see all my RCs and coat/background combos under "Decadent Unis" and "RCs". Jessie J is amazing at running the QHs please message her for any inquiries. I still handle all my own sales.

My Sales

Top GP fails (so any non-unicorn foals I am selling) go for 223 passes each. Some horses in my "for sale" barn are not below GP release, so you can always ask but I might say no. I don't always keep my sales updated so it never hurts to ask. 

I am always looking for RC unicorns. 

Xanthos 1 Xanthos 2 Xanthos 3 Xanthos 4 Xanthos 5