Hi y'all. My name is Hanna and I'm an adult (20yo) player living in the southeast United States. I've been playing Howrse on and off for about 10 years and am currently back 'on' due to Covid and it's consequential social distancing. PLEASE wash your hands so my life can go back to normal, thank you. 

My game has been focused on my equestrian center and appaloosa unicorns for a while. I am ALWAYS looking to purchase appaloosa unicorns with a GP over 3200, please DM me if you have a horse you are interested in selling and we can discuss pricing. 

If you a minor please speak to a parent before DMing me. Thank you. 

I've noticed I've been receiving some DM's and friend requests from y'all and I appreciate everyone reaching out, but please understand that I am a deeply introverted person. Especially with our current global situation, I'm having a difficult time keeping up with my real life friends and loved ones, and feel as if I need to dedicate that time to them, rather than people on howrse. Thank you for understanding.