My UFO is set to 2% I try to put cool bmis I would want to win

Want a donkey? I have quite a few laying around with decent GP for donkeys, pm me 

My Game
Check out my equus sales here and my pass sales here  
I focus on breeding French Trotters, Trotter Crossbreeds, Drafts, unicorns, and Donkeys.
I sell high GP Geldings from my teams, covered uni mares, [non/]uni foals, GA's/RC's(most of these are Immortal), drafts, and donkeys.

 My Frost and Topaz give free gifts sometimes. 
No need to thank me for UFO's on my page, a congratulations in return is appreciated 
I always have a ton of horses in sales as I try to keep my overall farm count rather low.
My Teams tab is NFS **unless its a tab that says sales in it** No public covers from that tab as well.
If you're looking for any of the things above, send me a friend request and check up on my sales. 
I do not give private covers from my Drafts or Donkeys. (Unless you're a friend of mine935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png)
I return all Congratulations I see and then some.  
I do not participate in player made contest and I do not give shout outs on my page.
Due to my game strategy, I am active in auctions. I do not bid on all these auctions to win them. If you see that I am actively bidding on something that is more than 2 hours away from ending, I am not bidding to win unless its a high value horse. I am usually bidding for other reasons that benefit my game.  
In regards to Item Exchanges, I do not trade based on pass value of BMIs. I trade based on demand and I try to trade items that fit different play styles. I frequently put 1x Golden Apple into exchanges for 2x Poseidon's Packs. Some coat collectors don't have a need for packs so they rather trade for that apple. If you don't feel my trades are fair, you are under no obligation (friend or not) to accept my trades. 50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png
I do not mind conversational PMs, and accept friend requests.
A friendly reminder that both non pass buyers and pass buyers are needed for the game to be appreciated to its fullest intent and neither party should be insulted or disrespected regardless of their gameplay style.

Looking To Buy
I am always interested in 
Nxy Packs
Harmony Packs
Hera Packs 
Medusa's Blood
or any individual BMIs that are included in those
Horses with P. Stone

My Teams
I am the admin of two teams and co of another, any questions either myself or fellow co admins.

Helpful Information
The following information below is from my own experiences. Not everything here is factual but I encourage you to try some of these tips and see if they help you.

Building Up Your EC
Below is my advice and my advice only, feel free to tweak certain parts to suit your needs.