I am currently working in real life more often during this time/also live in Minneapolis, I am sorry if I skip your message, feel free to poke in it again if I dont respond in 24 hours. If its regarding a sale, a url can be super helpful in cutting back the time I get to you. If I have several horses under the same name and the same price.

My Game
I focus on breeding French Trotters, PBSH, Drafts, and Donkeys.
I sell high GP Trotters, crossbreeds, covered uni mares, drafts, and donkeys. 

I have a tab with a decent amount of immortal GA's/RC's/Companions. 

Fillers & Co tab> To be gold coated

These are all for sale regardless if posted. 

GA's- 130 passes*

RC's- 230 passes

RC's with companions-300 passes

*Prices change on GA's when they become retired, grab them as a GA first for a cheaper sale.*

If you're looking for these things, send me a friend request and check up on my sales. 
I do not give private covers from my Drafts or Donkeys.
I return all Congratulations I see and then some.  
I do not participate in player made contest and I do not give shout outs on my page.
Due to my game strategy, I am active in auctions. I do not bid on all these auctions to win them. If you see that I am actively bidding on something that is more than 2 hours away from ending, I am not bidding to win. I am bidding for other reasons that benefit my game.  
I do not mind conversational PMs, and accept friend requests.

Non pass buyers do not work harder than pass buyers nor vice versa. Both type of players are needed for the game. The free players for volume, and the paying players for monetary compensation for Admin's time/effort in the game. 

Looking To Buy

I am always interested in 
Nxy Packs
Harmony Packs
Hera Packs 
or any individual BMIs that are included in those
Horses with P. Stone/ Rays
Pegasus Horses/  M Blood

My Teams

I am the admin of Unorthodox, striving for top Trotters. We are currently a full team, feel free to put in an application anytime we have less than 20 members. If you'd like a EC booster, a Skiller foal, or a previous generation below 9500* currently, PM me (:

I am adding more this section in hopes to be able to help newer players. Later I will have a color index in the above part.
Helpful Information

The following information below is from my own experiences. Not everything here is factual but I encourage you to try some of these tips and see if they help you.
If you refresh the page when you get a UFO, another UFO will pop up a few pages later. I refresh my pages so that I collect Aging Points UFOs majority of the time.
When it comes to stroking your horse, the biggest energy gains come when your horse is low on energy. It is the opposite with feeding, higher energy returns higher energy gained when fed.
If your daily objectives ask you to put a background or a lyre on a horse, keep a horse with a Unlimited Ray or Lyre and just edit them. This works for the objective.
If you have a Pegasus account, the whip will also count for adding a bonus to a horse as your daily objective 
When it comes to winning competitions, if you have fillers it is smarter to stick to one kind of comp so that you don't lose track of your entries. However if you are not using fillers, cast a wide net and try to enter in a slight variety of comps to increase your chances. 
You get better value purchasing passes on the app compared to the website.
 My Frost and Topaz give free gifts sometimes. 

* Means that these numbers are subject to change without notice.

Building Up Your EC
Below is my advice and my advice only, feel free to tweak certain parts to suit your needs. 
I do not recommend storing your best horses in your own EC unless you have an Instructor (EC Employee/100 Passes). I also don't encourage buying employees until your EC has a pretty good foundation.
Start with a handful of 1* boxes, don't waste resources on showers and troughs though because you will upgrade later and they will be destroyed. Invest in large workshops early and us them to make 3* boxes/troughs.showers. Slowly work your way to get all 3* boxes, put cows in your meadows to sell while you're doing this. When you get to the point of putting water troughs and showers in your EC, I recommend planting crops that your EC needs, it does not take much to meet these requirements and you can see them in EC Management> Benefits for boarders. 
I also recommend getting to and staying at 100 3* boxes, get an instructor, work on your comps- by entering them and filling them or asking someone you know to help. If you're on a team, set up comps that your team horses will enter to help boost.