Currently: OFFLINE

(If my 'Currently' status is red, it means I wont be responsive, if it's green, I will respond)

LOOKING  FOR: come back later


• Call me Yuni please
• I accept all friend requests & return all congrats that I see
• I am an adult (21), Minors - please get your parent’s permission before contacting me if that will become an issue.
I am currently collecting 5th Element BMI (I am not interested in 5th E horses.) Please DM me with legal Item Exchange offers :)


I am in 5 Teams, please check the team pages for details. 


• My EC is called Act 7
• It is a Semi-Private EC – Please DM me for a box reservation
• Act 7 is currently providing 60e Lessons and +40 skill bonus
• Please enter my EC competitions when you can – And I will return the favour


• Please do not ask for any of my horses, if I was selling them, they’d be in the sales.
• I do use auto-comp feature, but if I am entering over your blupping horse, DM me and I will help fill for you. I will not help fill for a skiller.
• I am from the UK so please bare that in mind when DMing me, I may take a while to respond.

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