My Game/About Me:

Hi there! I'm sheauda123 and if you ever want to talk feel free to pm me cuz I don't bite! I show horses in real life and show in the Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Eq, Showmanship and so much more!!! My profile pic is of Chocolate Never Lies, a APHA Stallion by my paints sire, I Prefer Chocolate!! I love howrse and love helping everyone as much as I can! I helped start the team Silver Stars Quarters!! I got the Pegasus account!! Its so exciting!.If you see a horse you like/ want please message me and I will tell you if I want to sell it or not. So my favorite colors are blue and green...(I don't think you could tell at all XD) My fav horse breed is a tie between the QH and Paint. I loveeeeee to talk!! So message me! I have decided to start a side besides my team where I sell horses that are foaling for 30 passes each...if you want one, please message me and we can sort things out! Like the breed wanted, etc....Hmmmmm...If I think of more I will add it! 

My Team:

My team is Silver Stars Quarters..we are a team that is aiming to be the best quarter horse breeders!! If you are interested in joining a quarter horse team, you came to the right girl! Visit our team page, copy that form and send it my way!! Right now we are accepting quite a few more members!! If you have any questions about the team please message me! If you are a VIP and would be interested in filling for a quarter horse team, message me! We are always looking for one!
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I sell horses that are foaling for 30 passes each or for 30,000 equus...if you want one, please message me and we can sort things out! Like the breed wanted, etc. This week there will be a HUGE Sale!! All foaling mares will be only 15 passes or 15,000 equus each(excluding unicorns, etc...they will be reduced price though)!! Put this on your page: 'sheauda123 is having a HUGE sale ALL WEEK LONG! Check out her page ASAP!',  message me and I will reserve you a foaling mare for 7,000eq!! ***Since the Sale went SOOOO well, Im doing it for ANOTHER WEEK!!!****59f1c863dca1baa69838b4841ccd34b9.png

I will buy all mares that are 2 years or older for under 10,000 equus!!! Pm me if you have one!!

If you see a stallion you want a covering from the following breeding farms: BLUP/SELL, Specials, Trophy Coats or The other horses, please message me!

I have a lot of vintage apples! If you want one of my horses and want a VA added to it, pm me!!

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