Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

I try to congratulate players whenever I can :)

I'm SpecialEndeavor! I used to play back when Howrse first came out and I've come back every few years. I've gotten back into the game recently and I'm hoping I'll be able to find time to continue to hop on regularly!

Game Play

I currently am focusing on breeding Appaloosas! As a single player without a team, I am pretty proud of my progress! I've got several 18300+ GP Appys. I also offer coverings from my studs once they're fully blupped. I price them competitively, so keep an eye out for them when searching for coverings for your mares!

500e Coverings

I offer 500e coverings from all of my purebred, fully blupped stallions under the 'BLUP STUDS' tab. These are my lower GP horses.

Competition Fillers (Trot Race)

I have extra fillers that I will enter into Trotting competitions (0-7% difficulty) if you ever need some help blupping! Feel free to use them if you come across them!