Updated 4/26/21
In search of an AP farmer. Feel free to Pm me and we can discuss further!

Hello my name is Jay-Jay and I am a 22 year old female so please get your parents permission before contacting me about anything besides horse sales.

My profile picture is of my real life horse do not take it or I will press legal charges. Im tired of people taking my pictures of my boy and claiming them as his or better yet offering him for sale. You have been warned and I will not be nice about it.

My EC The Nevernever is run pretty strictly. Meaning I do not buy a new box unless I have the funds for it to be a 3* and have all the benefits along with it. You can find out more about that on my EC page!


My game is pretty straight-forward and I have decided I'm going to try and be competitive which is why is it laid out as such. 

My tabs below are also straight-forward as well meaning what it is labeled as is what it is!


If you browse through my for sale tab then you will find it is sorted pretty much between anything that has a special kind of coat on it, unicorns, and then the rest of the horses I have for sale. 

I'm open to offers on any my horses in the sales or in my for sale tab even if they aren't label as negotiable. Sometimes I forget to check that. 

When a horse is listed for passes I will be willing to take the equivalent in equus and vise versa!


My Trophy Coats are not for sale. 

My spare trophy coats are for sale however so feel free to browse through them and see if i have one you need. 

Things not listed for sale but will take offers on....

Moon. I will take offers on him and will only entertain those that interest me. I am in no rush to part with him or at all for that matter so the offers must be good. Since he is the only one that would be listed his price is naturally set very high.

Anything in my specials tab is not for sale unless stated otherwise end of discussion.