The introduction

Hi Thank you for visiting my page. I am a adult player who took a 8 year break from the game but have returned and enjoying every minute of it. I have 3 kids, 2 dogs plus my sister and her dog ( excuse me her princess lol ) who pretty much drive me crazy so I'm on here to relax and have fun.


The Teams
I'm currently active in 4  teams with great teammates !  Mystic Paints, Twisted Tekes , Palladium Pharaohs and Eᴀɢʟᴇ Cʀᴇsᴛ Aʀᴀʙɪᴀɴs so I'm a very busy person on here although I will always try to answer all my messages it just might take a little while so please be patient.

Twisted Tekes and Mystic Paints are looking for acive blup'ers. We are friendly members that understands that real life will come first and only ask that you follow rules , be trustworthy and if something comes up that you pass the foal needing blup'd along to another team member to finish if you can't. We would love to include all our members to be a part of it's sucess !


Right now my team Mysic Paints is number 2 in rankings and we are working hard to bring the Paint horses up in genetic potential and hope to get more players interested in the Paint Horse breed :)  Special Shoutout to OMG17 for joining and motivating me once again to keep the team going :)

I'm in a great Teke team Twisted Tekes and love this breed. We are also hoping to improve the breed and get more players interested in them.  We finally made it to the Number 1 spot . It might not last long but at least I have that dream out of the way lol. Just want to shout out to Julez for being a great teammate and helping make that possible ! 

My Arabians

I've joined a great and amazing team lead b Nalavar and working towards improving the arabian breed on the server. Currently number one in Arabians which isn't really the most important part of being on the team. I've been lucky to meet some great players who are really nice and helpful in teaching me things that improve my game playing as well as just being great friends. I hope to keep learning and growing on here :)  

Right now I am not offering covers from my horses . Any horses I have for sale will be in sales so please don't ask. I'm trying to build up a AP farm so hopefully once that is done I will have more for sale in the future . Not sure what else to write here so I'm gonna leave it at this and add more in the future lol.

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