Hello! my name is Skylar, but I go by Sky. I've played Howrse for about 8 years now, and hopefully this account won't be deleted due to inactivity. ce52790629679d930ca16c39a4f619c3.png

I am an Akhal Teke breeder as you can tell by my breeding farms. I will happily work out a deal for selling my horses, but the ones NOT under the for sale farm will be a higher price than the ones that ARE in the for sale farm. 

My most common affix is Matelon, and i currently have bred and sold about 100 horses so far. 

I am of course open to reserving males for other breeders if I don't wish to sell them and sometimes I'll even breed my females with horses. The foals will be sold back to the stallions owner for a little under the cost of the covering depending on the price. 

If you have trouble getting to me on here, feel free to add my discord Sky#5046. Whenever I am not busy I'll happily answer you there! I keep notes on my current horses, their genetics, age, and coat color, so feel free to go in depth about what you want!