Look at that, I'm not dead!
I'm trying to get my stallion Hello Master as many covers as possible. PM me for private covers! I also offer higher GP covers that meet the GP release. Fjord finished skillers and preps can be arranged as well!
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I've temporarially stopped raising my EC's prestige for now. My record prestige is 90.60%. I will eventually buy boosters, but for now, it's just sitting. 
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I currently breed purebred fjords competitively, donkeys casually, all unicorn breeds, and all draft breeds. My full list of present and past affixes are below.
I am currently in search of:

Morpheus Arms | Zeus' Lightning Bolts | Aphrodite's Tears | Fertility Wands | Achilles' Heels | Horses with Helios' Rays | Purebred Fjords with BMIs | Fjord foundations | 2** Tack | Bay GA or RC coat with a small star, large snip, & hind pastern socks. Warmblood build
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2003 | Libra | Sophomore | Equestrian | She/her

I have been playing Howrse for about 5 years now. Most of that time I was on the INT server breeding Haflingers and Fjords. I deleted that account when I moved here, but I now have new accounts on INT, UK, AU, and CA under this username. I came to this server to solo-breed fjords, but fell in love with the smaller atmosphere and decided to found Infernal Fjords.
In RL, I have a miniature pony (my 4th horse is inspired by him), a Fjord yearling, and a Dutch Warmblood. I also have 2 Eastern Painted Turtles and a Sun Conure. I study animal science at a Technical High School and am homeschooled for everything else. PM me for my snapchat user~
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