I am/have not been active and I realized I just don't have time like I use to. Therefore, I am going to be selling most of my horses. If you are interested then please private message and tell me which horse and what folder. I will try to organize my breeding farms better but like I said i'm not very active so that may not happen. Prices will vary so again please message me if your interested! 

1. Get 5,000,000 equus
2. Get 15 passes
3. Own 5 divines
4.Get VIP Account  7/22/18
5. Get a 75% prestige or higher in my EC
6. Win a rosette with a horse
7. Have all my EC competitions have a rosette.
8. Be the 2nd best Knab team.
9. Get 20 passes
10. Get 25 passes
11. Get 100 Rosettes 7/21/18
12. Get 100 Rosettes with the same horse. 7/21/18

•|**∆Trade Records∆**|•

I have these records and references to contact before you do a trade with me so you can feel safe. These people have traded with me and have had a successful trade. Clean. Easy. Reliable. Kind. Before I trade with you I will need reassurance. So, please give me someone to ask to see if you are trustworthy. Thank you for understanding.

People I have traded with:

    ~  ~cochinlover~     

 ~ Stacia101