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I will accept all friend requests!

Special shoutout to Ajumper1, who sold me their collection of special coat horses before leaving this server. If you have an account on the international server, be sure to give them a congrats! Thank you, Ajumper1! Happy Howrsing!

I won my first rosette today (12/29/2020)!

Goals: I am looking to collect every coat for every breed and as many golden apple or other special coats as I can. I also wanted to collect all the dragon divines (I am also obsessed with dragons) and I finally reached my goal in April 2022!

What I am working on: I currently group my horses in the following way: a special coat collection tab, Song of the Wind; a divine and special horses tab, Exalted Immortals; a normal coat collection and aging point farms tab, Legacy Ranch; a skiller tab, Premier Paradisiac; and a Purebreds tab with my purebred Arabians, Paints, and Mustangs with the affixes Miles to Go, Painted High West, and Dark Sky Mountains, respectively. 

Horse sales: If you are interested in one of my horses, feel free to reach out. However, NONE of the Premier Paradisiac, those with *** in front of their names (they are horses I am currently BLUPing), or the Song of the Wind horses are for sale. Although, any horses in my AP farms within Legacy Ranch are for sale at any time, just come with an offer (I will only accept offers at or above 5,000 equus or 10 passes). 

***Please do not message me asking which of my horses is for sale/random breeds you are looking for. I will put up any horses I am looking to sell in the direct sales. If you want to buy one of my horses that is not listed, please have a reasonable offer ready for a specific horse, otherwise expect no response from me.***

About Me

I am an adult player; please get a guardian's permission if you are under 18 before interacting with me. 

Why I am here: Howrse has been a fun creative outlet for me since I cannot afford to have my horses with me in Colorado. Also, I love all horse things, both real and fictional. 

Real life: I have two cuties in real life, a mix Palomino named Dusty, and a Paint named Kizzy, goofballs through and through! They're getting old, 28 and 26, but they are still young at heart. I miss them dearly - they reside on my parents' property in Ohio.


Other random thingI suffer from depression but meditation saved my life and continues to help me every day; please reach out to me if you want to know more!

Finally, a nerd alert: I LOVE Pokemon. I have played all the classic handheld console games (except never finished Moon) and am currently working on Brilliant Diamond. I also play Pokemon Go every day, so add me as a friend to receive gifts: 7385 3434 2539


Wishing everyone a happy day!8f0d73882229b1f472cf172ee2f66ad8.png