Thanks to Silversky for the wonderful banner!

Team member of Amethyst Appaloosa's:
We are a young team, but are looking to rapidly progress our GP. We have skillers in sales and they are winning Rosettes!

Interested in buying a foal or older blupped horse? Feel free to message me with desired horse's name or goal gender/GP and we will see if we can work something out. *Our team will only release horses with a GP at 550 below our top horse.*

All "Negotiable" sales mean that I will consider the trade of an equally valued horse or BMI. The pass or equus price is not flexible.

Game Things:
I am an experienced player with a previous account that got deleted due to an extended break from the game. I previously bred high GP paints with Inferno Paints, but am now focusing on the Appaloosa breed. 

*I will buy any unwanted horses for up to 4,000e, feel free to reserve them for me and let me know they are there.* 

Add me as a friend, I will accept all. I welcome any questions or conversation, but cannot promise I have all the answers. :)

About Me:
I am a professional school student looking to have a fun time on Howrse! I have three horses at the moment, all saddlebreds, that my family and I use for trail riding. I've had a number of horses over the years, used to compete in barrel racing competitions, and even took dressage lessons when I was younger. I also have chocolate lab who is my favorite cuddle bug. 

Thanks so much for reading, and have a great day everyone!