I'm focusing on breeding Curly & Tennessee Walker horses. I am also playing this game without buying any passes. So everything is done through work.

tumblr_lm6ovviidy1qfoi4t.gif ꧁All the King's Horses꧂tumblr_lm6ovviidy1qfoi4t.gif
tumblr_lm6ovviidy1qfoi4t.gif ୨୧ Antoinette ღ Curls ୨୧tumblr_lm6ovviidy1qfoi4t.gif
Adult player. (Over 30)
Living in Canada.
I accept all friend requests! Especially for events!

I'm a big animal lover, and have a few dogs, and a ball python. Wish I could have a horse, but too costly. I also like photography, forensics and reading.

I am more playing this casually for fun. I have accounts on other servers too, and have been on some amazing teams as well. This isn't my main account, so I'm not on it as often as my accounts on other servers..but I do try and get on it often.
........ EC is a WIP at the moment.