* I am a 21 year old female, please ask for your parent's permission before contacting me please*

6.28.21 || I've been trying to figure out where I left off on things. I've been taking peeks at all of the top horses and teams, boy have things changed around here. GP's are crazy now, I used to be toward the top with my half breeds and appaloosas. I am slowly making a come back, I've bred and BLUPed 3 horses in the last 3 days I've been on. Today I've gotten lazy about getting to 100 BLUP with my latest project. Then again, I work tomorrow at 4am, so until tomorrow :) 

6.25.21 || WOW it's been a hot minute since the last time I've logged in. I've been very busy working crazy 40 hour shifts every week, which has taken a toll on my mental health. I am trying to make a comeback to breed more purebred appaloosas competitively as relaxation project in my downtime. I am working on bringing back my equestrian center back to its full glory. Let's see if I can consistently log in every day for the next week :) 

7.5.20 || I rarely log in anymore :( but I'll randomly check in and blup horses between working and FaceTiming my boy 

Team History

1) I created a unofficial team with bluetreeble, Hex, Lonesome Question and Robin Channell where we bred High GP Arabian/Quarter Horse mixes. My affix was/is ares' vengeance, check it out to see my progress. I'll still loosely breed them on my own. I seriously love those people, the sweetest teammates ever and so trustworthy. 
2) The first team I was offered a position on was Intrepide back in December 2018, when Sapphire Selles and Dead Dynasty were on one team. On that team I was breeding Purebred Selle Français. When the team transitioned to Dead Dynasty, I chose to not pursue it. The team was then eliminated later on.
3) Teamed up with thousandhearts and GreenHillbilly, then quickly created mars' revenge to breed Purebred Arabians for competition and breeding. 
4) Then GreenHillbilly and I created N.A.S.A, and thousandhearts and teckelhut joined to breed Purebred Appaloosas for competition and breeding.
5) Teamed up with SallyyMae to breed Arabian Unicorns unofficially 
*I do partner up with a lot of players, and work frequently with quite a few if things go smoothly. I value partnership and drama free connections. I do lots of BMI trades and deals. I owe a good chunk of my success to those who have trusted me as a parter and have taken the time to teach me and answer questions. So thank you to those who have answered my questions and have offered advice. I owe this to you guys. 

Silver Night Stables

Please go check it out! I have worked pretty hard on my equestrian center and really want to bring in high quality horses and better my prestige. So far it's reached around 70% at its best. It has 3* equipment and boxes, each box has it's own shower and water trough. All sorts of food and treats are taken care of and meadows never fall below 90%. 

Divines Wish List

Any & all chimeras for passes (10 passes a month each)
Any & all Love Divines for passes (20 passes on 14th monthly per L. Divine)
Any & all Wild Horses for passes (10 passes on their birthday once tamed until they're 80 years old each)
Aengus: chance of getting Hera Packs (trades & teams) and Aging Points
Epona: chance of getting Horns of Plenty (trade & promos) and Water Troughs (E & EC)
Lug: chance of getting Zeus' Lightening Bolts (teams & trades) and Aging Points (team)
Taranis: chance of getting Titans Challenge (promos) and Pieces of Clouds (Equus)
Borvo: chance of getting Golden Apples (trades) 
Goibniu: chance of getting Philosophers Stone (unicorns & trades)
Midir: chance of getting Achilles Heels (horse training)
Liana: Helios Rays (trading & Equus)
Carnivorus: Hestia's Gift (unicorn breeding)
Fern: Hera's Pack (trades & teams)
Caryopsis: Pass Seeds
Wikaïla: Philosophers Stones (unicorns & trades)
 Haumia-tiketike: Hera Packs (trades & teams)
Rehua: Nyx Pack (unicorns & trades)
Thor: Zeus' Lightening Bolts (teams & trades)
Loki: Fertility Wands (teams & trades)
Tyr: Themis' Scale (emergency BMI's)
Bragi: Harmony Packs (trades or gifts to others)
Osirus: chance of finding passes daily 
Isis: 3-5 identical foals on the first of every month (unicorn/skiller breeding)
Horus: chance of finding Philosophers Stone
Thoth: chance of finding Hermes' Winged Staff (emergency BMI's)
Anubis: chance of finding Hestia's Gift (unicorn breeding)
Seth: chance of finding Titans Challenge (promos)
Amun: Golden Fleece (promos)
Sekhmet: Themis' Scale (emergency BMI's) 
Aquarius: Aphrodite's Tear monthly (team & trades)
Aries: [after breeding Aquarius & Pisces together] 5th Element every April on my birthday
Taurus: chance of finding Zeus' Lightening Bolt daily (teams & trade)
Gemini: [after getting both] Fertility Wand monthly (teams & trade)
Qulin: Fertility Wands monthly (teams & trade) & breed with unicorns
Charming Red: 10 passes every Monday
Cool Carrot: 10 passes every Tuesday
Shiny Yellow: 10 passes every Wednesday
Forest Green: 10 passes every Thursday
Lovely Blue: 10 passes every Friday
Devoted Indigo: 10 passes every Saturday
Brave Purple: 10 passes every Sunday

To Be Continued...


Coats Wanted:
100292137-normal.jpg Valentino - Prince Sahara
100258067-normal.jpg Valentino - Zefiro Gold