Online (Rarely do I ever remember to change this, but normally I am on if I am breathing, so use that to do your calculations or friend me so you can keep tabs on me at all times, like a creepy stalker.)

One day I will actually organize this all nice into a neat little box or a million of them and pretend like I am professional and organized, but for now you get the real me. I know, suck.s for you.

LAYOUT MAKER!! So I decided if this was ever going to get done, it would not be by me. I do not have a set price, so you will have to come to with an offer on what you'd like and we can negotiate, if need be, from there. It must be by HTML code and hand designed, not by the howrse layout website, because of this I am willing to pay more. I just don't like the little "made at" or whatever it is box at the bottom of the layout. I know ridiculous. XD Please private message me if you would be willing to make me one and your cost! Thank you, darlings!~


ATTENTION!! I am looking to buy lots of element horses, if you have any please let me know! 

I am also looking for the bmis:  P. Stone and Medusa's Blood!!

I do, do trades, but will have to semi-trust you before hand if I go first.

If you want to know about me go to the bottom of my page!

I buy all unicorns for 25k to 30k and in bulk up to 10! (250k to 300k)!!!!!!

I buy all Golden apple horses for 75k to 110k! 

I buy all unwanted foals for 1,500k!

For any other horse you are selling that I didnt mention or you would like to negotiate the price just pm me!!!

My Game~

I am open for any offers on any of my horses even if they are not for sale. I don't mind low offers, but keep in mind I probably will not accept it. 

BMIS FOR TRADE; Because of it taking up so much space on my prestentaion, pm me to know what items I have avaible. I normally try to have a range of different ones and multiple of each.

About me

I am Masako! I am always down to chat, hehe. I am a female, almost an adult! I dont really care how old you are as long I can relate to you. WARNING. I do have a messed up mind, so yeah, brace yourself. Sometimes I am super cheerful and other times I could care less whether I die right in that very moment. I am part of different types of communities, if you're curious just ask. Again be bracing yourself. I am not of any religion, but have been raised in a Christian home. I have many animals; 2 guinea pigs, 2 doves, 1 donkey, 10 chickens, 1 goat, 2 cats and 4 dogs.  ~TAKES A DEEP BREATH~ I do enjoy making new friends. I promise I will not bite hard. 0cfd9b59cee3dd3829bd8aa1641a7e28.png