Looking for an AP Farmer!

Welcome to my Page!

 Hi! I am a college student in my early 20's from the great State of Minnesota! I had an account on International for many years, before I stopped playing for a while and lost my account. I am on this server now working on improving my general ranking and having a large number of decent horses! I do not accept random friend requests, and do not care to chat for the sake of it. I do not get much time to be on the game, so I use it to do what i need to do and log off.

Thoroughbred Breeding
I am once again breeding high GP thoroughbreds. I am currently at 7116 for my highest GP. I am breeding with horsewhisperergirl, so go check her out as well. My current GP release for un-gelded foals will raise weekly, as my line increases in GP daily. The current going price and release for foals will be listed below. They can be ordered or chosen from in the TB Team tab from the farms labeled with a GP number. Shoot me a message if you would like to order or purchase one. The prices are non-negotiable and I do not accept equus. 
I will also be selling gelded foals at 100 below my current GP for a competitive pass rate. I will update when I have a set price. 


Pricing by GP:

6300-6350      30p
6350-6400      40p
6400-6450      50p
6450-6500      60p
6500-6550      80p
6550-6600      120p
6600-6679      180p

These prices are based on current going rate in public sales and are competitively priced. Foals can be bred with tears for extra passes or the item sent over. 

 I am buying all female unicorns, so if you have one (or lots) for sale, let me know! I usually buy them in sales if I see them between 10-20 passes, so if that’s your price range, just reserve and I'll take a look at it. GP, skills, age, and blup do not matter.