Kingscote Equestrian

Returning player on a new account! I used to play with the same name on the US and Canadian servers and I'm back since I missed it so much. Quarantine is giving me plenty of time to focus on my game, but for now I am not playing competitively. 

I'm a multi-interest breeder- I am actively breeding Holsteiners, Selles Français, Knabstruppers, Tennessee Walkers, Thoroughbreds, and Appaloosas, all on a pretty small scale. My Appaloosas are the most competitive- I've broken top 200 finishes in two Grand Prix events and regularly make the weekly top 100!

Always accepting friend requests so feel to reach out! Enjoy your game and have a great day!

Buying, Selling, and Collecting



Tons of BLUPed horses for sale! Lots of low/mid GP uni fails as well. Sale prices are always negotiable, even when they're set high. I'm not interested in selling to AP farmers, so I'd rather sell cheaper to actual breeders. I'm happy to convert equus to passes or vice versa.

But, please respect my sales! I will not preemptively reserve a horse if you are waiting to get enough passes or equus together. I will cancel a reserved sale if the horse isn't picked up in 24 hours and expect that if you ask to negotiate, you will propose a price. And no low ball offers, please- don't ask for 50% off. I don't buy passes and work hard to get my horses to sale.


Seeking specialty coats below! Especially WerehorseWilling to negotiate trades and sales to accommodate! 

I am working on finishing my companion collection! Equus or passes! PM me if you would be willing to sell the following: 

Retired coat wishlist (just for me right now, I don't have the funds to start buying these up)

Also getting ready to work on some special coat trophies- PM me if you have SOA/CB/BP/5th Element/Wanderer's Spirit and are willing to sell!

I will always buy unneeded horses! 
Any horse - 2,000 equus
Purebred horses - 4,000 equus
Pregnant mares - 6,000 equus
Foundation horses - 10,000 
Most immortal horses - 15,000 equus
Even more for horses with BMIs. I would love to be your horse's new home- PM me before you send a horse to the Safe Haven!

Coverings and Breeding

Feel free to request any stallion that is at 100 BLUP! 

I sometimes list public studs, but all of my BLUPed stallions are available! I currently have top public Holsteiner, French Trotter, Appaloosa, and Tennessee Walker studs. PM me if you would like to arrange a covering or ask about current prices- I am happy to negotiate with interested breeders and will give discounts to new players.

Take a look at my affixes for more information on ordering foals. 

Black Market Items

I don't use many BMIs so I often have some for sale (except for customization BMIs- I am working on building my collection). Willing to negotiate if you reach out!

Contests, Giveaways, etc.

I'm always looking for giveaways and barn sales. I'll keep a going list here for everyone. PM ME if you are quitting/having a giveaway/need a promo! I love to connect with other players and I'm happy to do PR for you.