ANOUNCEMENT:I'm now beginning to sell foals in direct and reserved auctions. Let me know if you are interested ( i don't just sell any horses!!! i only sell duplicate foals. i do NOT sell any of my Brood Mares or my rarer coats(except some breeds) for the time being. I also have mares and stallions up for pairing if you interested.(my covering prices for stallions depend on the GP of my horses. With the standard gp of 1660-1700 being 500eq anything below would be the same and it would increase the higher the GP. Ex:2000's GP=1000eq, 3000's=2000eq, etc.)(If you would want a covering with one of my mares just tell me which one and if I agree just send a cover request (preferably 500Eq) and I'll take care of everything, whenever the foal is born I will give it to you for the price of the covering (about 2500eq or 2000) I will only allow coverings with my higher GP mares to give you guys the best results :) ) Also if you check my sales, ya'll may see that its a bit overpriced...That is NOT the actual price for most foals. They are only that high because most of the time anything below 5000 sells out pretty quickly in direct sales and I want to give you guys a chance to check them out. So don't be scared of the price and just negotiate with me whatever you can afford and I'll sell them to you for as low as 1000. But it'll increase depending on GP (but you don't need to worry I mostly sell low or standard gp foals on direct. If you want a higher gp foal I'll personally breed it for you.)

Currently selling: Curly, Gypsy Vanners, Thoroughbreds, Fjords, Akhal-Teke, Purebreed Spanish Horses, Appaloosas,   + More. (I only breed purebred horses)

For more info on sales and coverings just hit up my pms x3

Hey Guys!! (READ THIS (it has useful info) *cough*)

Im Raven and I'm surprisingly not new to this game...this is just a new acc i made cuz i lost my old one :/ (*cough* so i know my way around *cough*) fav color is Purple. And I'm a junior in highschool. I am busy most of the day and more active during the early morning and evening so if you're not getting a response, don't worry! I always check my pms right when I log on so I'll get back to you as fast as I can.

My mission is to be one of the biggest breeders in this fellow community. Though I mean I would want to be the biggest purebred CURLY breeder. I also wish to help a lot of people I come across and try to make the game a lot easier and fun for them. I say this because I know at times it may seem a bit boring because you're starting out and you don't have much money, or not enough seniority and I feel ya'll newbies T^T I didn't like that either. But I'm here to help with anyone really XD newbie or not so don't be afraid to ask.

absolutely love anime and kpop so u can hmu and id rant about my favs (*cough* Attack on Titan *cough*)(And BTS *Cough*)
I also play video games on a daily basis (I'm not kidding XD) but i play from Halo, Far Cry, Skyrim, Destiny, Warframe, FeralHeart, Sims, and many more x3

I try to help people the best I can. So if y'all have questions don't be afraid to ask. If your in need of a specific horse, ill be happy to help you breed it out for you all. If you need your mare or stallion covered. I have a handful of high gp mares and stallions that are great for pairing. But of course its only limited to the current breeds I own. 

I own many breeds of horses, but currently my main breeds are Akhal-Teke, Gypsy Vanners, Thoroughbreds, and Curly. I only breed, sell, and buy purebreds. For my breeding, I have my brood mares. They are separated into groups (mostly depends  when they are covered). I have approximately 6-7 mares covered each day and 6-7 foals born a day. Except I have a large group of mares of 8-10 members. So whenever they are covered and give birth I end up with 9 or 10 foals 0-0. The majority I have born and keep are female (idk why girl power I guess??) and they will be part of the same group when they mature. A lot of the males born tend to be of a lower GP and a duplicate coat so I end up putting them for sale (idk why either) and the few I do keep are literal miracles and have really high stats. The breed I sell the most is both Curly and Fjord. Though I have others I sell but mostly those two. I buy any unwanted horses and give them a wonderful home as long as it doesn't exceed 3000 Eq (also depends on the stats)

I live off of memes...(i have no life)Image result for attack on titan gifs funny510e14f6c015f21252e23f4c05703863--bts-memes-hilarious-lmfao-bts-funny-memes.jpgd99246331c3de302b959ffd572d9793eec58ef37_hq.jpg

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Cya laterz >;3
PS: I'm currently breeding and selling foals of my main breeds. If you guys are interested in those, these are the default prices for a foal with about 2500 GP.(4000 for males)(4500 for females). <-- this will most likely lower or increase depending on the stats, age, and bonuses. if you are indeed interested don't be afraid to hmu and send me a friend request i approve everyone :). If you want a specific coat and gender just tell me what you would want and ill try my best to breed it out for you. Also let me know if you are interested in covering with one of my mares or stallions.

Hope ya'll have a great day 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png