Hi! I’m dumb lol sorry for mistakes I’m writing this on my phone and it hates me. I’m really sorry that I keep forgetting to update this! I’ll try to update it soon. Also I’m very sorry this is so long (I say sorry a lot)

The horses in my “On the Zephyr” breeding farm are for sale, send me an offer if you want one or more lol. Actually I’ll sell most of my horses 

I have a lot of purebred French Trotter mares with around 6,500 to 5,000 gp and I’ll sell them for about 3,500 to 5,000 equus (idk how I got so many)

The stallions in my “The Riders of Rohan” are stallions for breeding. They’re all purebred and have a gp of over 6000. Sorry I’m working on getting better stallions. If you want to breed one of your mares with one of them, send me a message with the stallion and the mare’s names. Rn I’m charging 500 equus. And I’m very sorry if it is not up to date, normally I forget to add the new colts. French trotters are red, appaloosas are blue, thoroughbreds are black and selle francais are purple/pink. Stallions that are underlined are the best of their breed. Some are highlighted because I can’t figure out how to remove it. Sorry. I’d sell any of the not underlined stallions. 

Low Hopes: French trotter 6303
Misty Mountains: Appaloosa 6078
•Oakenshield: Thoroughbred 7054
Destroyer of Worlds: French Trotter 7201
Tough Love: Appaloosa 8339
•Captain Sparrow: Thoroughbred 7532
Hide the Rum: French Trotter 7636
Stay Alive: Selle Francais 8760
Ruined Pride: Appaloosa 8347
Peach Fuzz: Thoroughbred 8152
Raise a Glass: Appaloosa 8250
Wait For It: Appaloosa 8101
End of the World: Selle Francais 9157
Lying In Wait: French Trotter 7392

•Electric Love: Thoroughbred 7407
One Last Time: Appaloosa 9140
You’ll Be Back: Appaloosa 8182
Broken Heart: Appaloosa 8082
Poison: Selle Francais 8773
All Shall Fade: Selle Francais 9535
Victory: Appaloosa 8699

I’m always happy to hear schedules for BLUPing any of my breeds! Also I accept all friend requests.

I also have four unicorn stallions. As well as a few unicorn colts I will be happy to sell. 
•Hang the Code: KWPN 1345 (1000 equus)
•Sky Full of Stars: Irish Hunter 1392 (1000 equus)
•Never Be Satisfied: French Trotter 7297 (500 equus)
•Naive: Paint 3999 (1500 equus)

My breeding farms are confusing lol sorry 
“Of the Silver-Bloods” is for unicorns 
“On the Zephyr” is for horses I’m thinking of selling  
“Friends,Waffles,Work” are my mares 
“Of the Riders of Rohan” are my high gp and purebred stallions 
“Central Perk” is for coats (>5%) and horses I will not sell for whatever reason (not complete, sorry I’m very lazy lol)