Well hello!! 

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I try my absolute best to return congratulations, but I'm not always on here a ton. If you want a congrats buddy, send me a friend request! I'm not particularly picky when it comes to my friends so long as they're relatively active in the game :) 
If you know what game this art is from, PLEASE message me; it's my favorite game and I think it's criminally underrated.  (please only do so if you are an adult or have received permission from one. I'm an adult, so please keep that in mind :)
My interests consist of reading, engaging in interesting practically pointless conversation like discussing fan theories or lore about different things, musicals, psychology, human development, medical care, annnnnd all types of nerdy things. Video games, LOTR, Star Wars, etc... you name it, I probably at least know of it. 
I play this game purely for fun. I'm not interested in doing things competitively because I enjoy just doing things my own way and keeping it relaxed. 

Princesse made this presentation for me btw, just FYI everyone. Isn't it lovely? If you'd like her to make you one, feel free to find her in my friends' list above and shoot her a PM, she's very sweet and will probably answer you. 
Annnnnd if for whatever reason you got to the end of this presentation, send me a pm with... 405a07c944db94dcebf5dcaf189a81e1.png this face.