Hello everyone! I used to play this game at least 5 years ago on Howrse International, back before different countries had different websites. I remember the start of US Howrse, and I had an account here too. Sadly both accounts have been deleted due to years of inactivity, but I'm back and getting in the swing of things again. I'm now very active and wanting to join breeding teams. I am able to buy passes on occasion, but I typically save up and buy passes once every few events for a divine I particularly am interested in. 

I am focusing on raising my Crossbred Stars horses' GP. Currently, my high GP horses are Arabians, Appaloosas, and French Trotters, but I have quite a few other breeds mixed in my Crossbred Stars horses as I try to actively breed any and all of my horses to the highest GP stud available to me. Sometimes I use my own, and sometimes I use public coverings. I hope to be able to reach 10000 GP soon with one of my horses. 

Highest GP Achieved: 9843.73
Breed: Arabian Horse

I accept random friend requests. I am looking for active friends for the Piñata event!