Hey everyone. I'm Lexxie. Always looking for friends so send me a message, I don't mind or bite. I'm a 25 year old animal lover. 
- Agriculture 
- Art
- Cooking videos
- Dogs 
- Reading
- Performing 

I am considered to be a professional T-Shirt finder and I rock them. I love my dog Stella and I like the show Criminal Minds. My top 3 favorite foods are: Apple sauce, tacos, and peanut butter. My favorite drinks are orange soda and root beer. 

Smile, you're amazing.
College/life updates: A year in to school. Working hard.
 Start School the 26th! 10/25/2020
Got a new job :) 8/24/2020
About to give up on school. 6/23/2020 
May apply to a new school as an English Major. 4/19/2020