About me

Hello everyone! Thought I'd just introduce myself, I love horses and everything about them, although I have none of my own, I would LOVE to own some! On Howrse I am breeding Akhal-Teke's and might do some crossbreeding with them after I get a skiller. Feel free to give me any tips though! Also I'd just like to add that NONE of my horses are for sale as of yet, but stay tuned! I do sometimes collect random horses from auction/direct sales though and will BLUP them or just sell them when I get sick of them. Otherwise if you see a horse with an asterisk on both ends of it's name then it's not for sale and I'm keeping it. I am also looking for teams to join so feel free to send me suggestions or invites! Also I want to start a pass farm but unsure of how exactly to do that lol so any tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated in that department! Good luck to everyone reading this and feel free to send a friend request I won't hesitate to accept! ~Best wishes from Nova <3


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