Basic Stuff

I've finally gotten around to deleting my profile since due to changes on the game a lot of information I had has become obsolete. So for the mean time I will just be using a couple of plain scroll boxes. Please if you PM me do not use text speak this game isn't your phone.
your horse needs to be 10 years old
finish forest and mountain rides unless the top three skills are in ride
come in first place for 20 competitions
have top THREE skills bolded by maxing out skills from competitions and rides. 
so this is an experiment i thought of trying pick a breed of horse on here(except friesians)  what you do is get a hundred mares of this breed they all have to be pregnant and all due on the same day with the same breed of foal, (best with purebreds)  the point of this is to see if you can get the exact ratio of coat colors for the breed, this is just something a thought of, and will be trying possibly sometimes

Info about me and my game play

My Username is Fireheartmaster, because I like Fireheart from warriors. Please do not correct me about his name, since I don't like him as Firestar. I haven't read all the books but I know how the fourth series ends and dislike it. Anyone can send a friend request or PM for the most part they don't bother me. But I often go on hiatus if howrse gets boring or the contests get to much to deal with. I have an account on International horse with the same username.
I am a huge fan of Anime, Manga, MLP;fim and Fantasy books.
For my current game objective I'm just working on getting rid of all my low GP horses. I want to have around 400 horses in the end excluding my divine and 1000+ GP horses. I will not sell any horse in my "Golden Forevermore" tab, it has token me a while to create the GA/ray combos or they have a companion.


Trading rules
 You ask first You go first, 
I ask first, I'll go first or follow your rules
seniority is JUST A NUMBER it doesn't make you the better player
HORSE PRICES (i'm still working on some prices)
Horse/Ponies cost 2000e +
Draft cost 1 pass or 50,000e unused
Female unicorns cost 1 pass each, Males cost 50,000e 
Donkeys cost 1 pass or 75,000e unused
Extra GA coats cost 2+ passes depending on species 
If you don't like a horse of mine I will buy it back for half of what you bought it for.
I have lots of extra items and will be putting most up later.