A little old and new

I had an account a few years ago, I had thousands of beautiful horses. I was Weesh then, now AllieKennels. I had many affixes but I intend to start my uni one up as soon as I have enough seniority to have an affix (18 days). If you used to be my friend, feel free to add me, if you weren't, well, I'm always up for new friends. I'm still getting my bearings as things have changed a lot since I was last here. I'm working on GA's since that's what I had the most of. However I had a little of everything and plan to get there again. If you have a get my point uni, let me know, I'd love to visit some of my old babies 


Every Friday, I will be purchasing passes and collecting more horses, but mostly unicorns with coats. Feel free to pm me with what you have and price! 

Will have unicorns for sale at a later date, selling horses for fair prices! Uni fails 5,500 e! 

I'm now selling young and older unicorns! Take a look at my sales! 

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