Hello everyone,

   Welcome to my page, I go by quite a few names: Crystal, Crys, or Spirit, but feel free to call me Luna as well if you want, I'm fine with any of them.
   My goals here on Howrse are pretty much like everyone else, I plan on specializing in all breeds since I love the challenge of it, of course my main ones will be the Marwari, Appaloosa's, Paint's and Mustangs. All others will be a side project for me to work on and I will be working on getting every horse I own fully trained and then I'll sell off excess horses or ones that I don't need as much.
 All horses that are in the first 4 tabs are purebreds, crossbreeds are put into my crossbreed section under my "Special" tab. If there's a horse in any of my tabs that you're interested in then feel free to message me about then and I'll see if they are ones that I'm willing to sell. I will mainly sell stallions and colts as I want to keep as many mares of each breed as I can for breeding purposes. The exceptions are my drafts and donkeys, they will be set as for example: M Donkey 1 and F Donkey 1, that way I know which one go with who based on covers.

Items I'm looking for:
*Golden Apple
*Vintage Apple
*Philosopher's Stone
*Fertility Wand
*Aphrodite's Tears
*Artemis' Arrow
*Helios' Ray
* Achilles Heel

Important Information Regarding Starsfall
So looking to buy an Appaloosa from us? Here's what we do in regards to sales.
We will only sell geldings and horses that are at least 2k GP under our best mare and stallion. Fully trained horses will be more expensive than untrained, but we would do the work for you. We will not sell foals, all horses that we sell will be at least 1.6 years old. If you want BMI items on the horse of your choice please understand that it may take longer for you to receive the horse and that the price will increase more than without the items. Skillers will be sold for passes once we begin to breed them. We will always go over the price with you before selling a horse to you to confirm that you are happy with the price.
People to contact for sales-
Leader- LunaEclipse (me obviously)
Sales Admin- 

We will put out covers of our horses, but the GP of them will always be at least 300 GP under our best stallion. Our prices may vary, but mine will always be set at 4k equus.

Other teams I may join:
French Trotter

   If I do join more teams, please note that my main team will still be my Appaloosa's, but I will do the best I can to contribute to even more teams! Just send me a message if you think I may fit in with your team!

- Get to top 50
- Breed top GP for each breed
- Get every coat trophy
- Get every breed trophy
- Get every species trophy- Done