Mystic Moon 

I used to play howrse as a kid but life happened and my account was deleted, so here i am once again :3 
I am a college student and an artist. I love drawing and painting and creating all sorts of things. Other than art i love to collect crystals (and other rocks and minerals). All of my horses are names after the planets and the foals are named after their moons, some of the horses are named after crystals too. All except mike, he's special. 
I am more than happy to make friends on here so feel free to send me a pm or friend request :) 
I have an account under the UK server: leaf     im not british, i just wanted to start an account with the lovely fjords

Things I am looking for: 


Horses I am looking for: 

normal.png normal.png 100210577-normal.png

My favorite horses: 


Dusk  Dawn  and her son Ray
normal.png compagnon-poule.png

My buddy mike, and his friend the Hen

 Im not sure how to post the picture (or take it lol) but i'm third place popularity!!! (12/13/2019) Thank you guys haha 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png

My goals on howrse:
Own a marwari
Own all of the enchanted pumpkin coats 

Goals reached: 

 own a fjord

own a horse with the golden apple coat 100334073-icone.png 100318443-icone.png 100212910-icone.png
own a pegasus  bbk.png

own a unicorn  bai-cer.png gr-pml.png bbk.png
own a horse with the enchanted pumpkin coat (2/5) icone.png icone.png

own a divine blitzen.png donner.png   boree.png

I had a wandering horse visit me (12/5/2019)!! cauchemar.png Nightmare  

Vampire-bats-animated.gifthanks for stopping by 200w.webp

Have a magical day